Interface Overhaul, Do We Need One & What Would You Like?

First keep in mind as I’m posting this I’m relatively green. Quite optimistic, fresh to the fray.

Just try to stay on topic of the visual interface and not freeform rant about bug fixes yet to come.

Besides the obvious ongoing discussion about the swap button, my first suggestion would be LARGER BUTTONS!! At least on the main screen. I haven’t heard tried Double Tap No m on this game yet, but I guess that’s an option. At my age, well need all the help I can get!

It’d be easier to to tap the Quest button and check things I need to do without opening the leaderboard…

Okay, have at it!


You brave soul… :joy:

But since you are new I’ll let you know re game update version 3.6. Look it up. That was the big UI change that most people hated - so UI change still a relatively raw topic for the playing community… :wink:

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:thinking: I did not know. Only did a quick keyword search for the word "Interface "…

Oh well. Hold my beer. :beer:
In for a penny…


The UI was recently changed but It could still use a couple fixes imo.

I have big fat fingers so I am not liking the tiny little buttons either. The swap button was just fixed and is pretty darn good where it is and size.

On the right hand side, the settings and especially mail buttons are almost impossible to touch properly on the first try. I always end up hitting the attack button first and then have to curse it out while waiting for it to load just so I can exit it and try to get the mail button again…sigh

On the left same deal with the Quest and League buttons but not quite as bad because they dont have a war button directly above them.

A slight increase in size and a slight widening in the spacing would make a world of difference.

Otherwise it is pretty good I think. Not a big fan of the color scheme but it is much easier to read now. Maybe the option to toggle league chat off and the ability to organise group chats would be helpful

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Right there with you.

I was thinking maybe even switch the buttons left to right?


The problem is that there is already other buttons on the left. Plus, the buttons that are more commonly used, Attack, and mail, are on the right because more people are right handed, but also it has been that way for a long time. Not trying to sink your boat or anything. But just like the recent UI change there are probably going to be tons of complaints, and it’s going to end up getting changed back. But it’s a good thought though.

No worries about the boat, or my ego.

Don’t really have a dog in this race. :dog2: (woof!)

Just putting it out there as a “What If?” Scenario.

If the collective of players where given a chance to come up with a better design, what would it be like?

Keep up the brainstorming friends!

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