International Women's Day, Aurora Lazy Hue Shifting


This is kind of a garbage post, so it’s in off topic :rofl:








I’d want that pink one.


I’d want the purple one


Why is this a garbage again? :+1:t2:


Green for Sci!


I want #4


I got it but I can’t help but think of Adrielle from Tidelands when I look at the portrait.


:thinking: what is this Tidelands you speak of? Adrielle? :thinking::thinking::thinking:


On Netflix. Adult Mermaid or Siren show. It’s pretty good.


Not really anything to discuss in it, was just bored :rofl:


Im just wondering why they did a second Aurora portrait? It’s nice looking but there are so many other options they could have gone with… Axi Knight, New Laria or Morrigan portrait, Hauheset Knight, Rhyo Knight or Noctua Knight, ect


Am I the only one who liked the old Aurora better? :eyes:


Aurora is one of most popular characters in terms of player response, and we felt she was overdue for another appearance. Her bold demeanor (who doesn’t love that lively wink in the original portrait?) matches well with the symbol for this year’s International Women’s Day, a “shrug” emote with palms facing upward, meant to represent balance. Kinda looks like a scale, you know.

We like bringing back old characters for holidays (see: Ash, Tor, and your’s truly for the most recent Christmas events). Except Gustav. He’s dead.


Why do you remove the wink for current portrait? :thinking:


any chance we might see a return of the Knight portraits of dragons? Im still waiting on Chunk Knight to happen… WE DESPERATELY NEED IT!!! :chunk::chunk::chunk::chunk:

A Noctua Knight sounds pretty cool though, especially if she had a little, teeny tiny Noctua sitting on her shoulder or on her arm like Athena’s Owl :bird:


I mean - she’s not blind in one eye, she doesn’t ALWAYS have to be winking. :wink:


I love it! Cute lady with a dragon at her back - since alll the season portraits so far are NOT my style I’m ecstatic! Thanks for bringing her back!!


And good riddance


@PGKharnyx I love this portrait! Thank you!


Can’t help but notice that we got nothing for international men’s day. I would just love to see more male portraits that are actually good