Introduce dragon vulnerabilities

This has probably been suggested. After all “there is no such thing as a new idea” (thank you Mark Twain).

But, seeing as we have passives that introduce resistance towards certain towers, can we come up with dragons that have specific vulnerabilities to certain towers - ideally old style towers.

Just another idea to make old towers relevant again, and to introduce some variety into this game.



Jormungandr should be mortally weak to lightning since in mythology Jormundandr is the son of Loki and Loki is brother to Thor: god of thunder (and lightning). Since Loki and Thor aren’t exactly friends, it makes sense that Jormungandr should be weak to lightning :laughing:



I would love this. Everything has a balance. Gurl. Make fire flak resist dragons weak to archers. Make dark flak resist have a cannon weakness. GURL. YAS. Love balancing acts.


I really really really like that idea…That could also bring back older towers into the game to a certain extent

Great idea!

It would have to be pretty strong to make old towers viable given the higher damage and better supershots of the flaks, right? Especially if a given older tower is only useful against a subset of dragons.

They’re also each other’s primary enemy; Thor tied Jormungandr in a knot, and at Ragnarok, they kill each other.

Itzani is a witch and thus should obviously be vulnerable to flame turrets.

Walter White gets shot by a gun (spoilers, I guess), so giving his creation, Meth, a vulnerability to cannons is clearly the way to go.

Surt was at one point like a Ferrari, or so gaming experts say; this doesn’t align with any type of tower in the game, so let’s make him vulnerable to everything and call it even.


I also wouldn’t be opposed to immunities. Elemental immunity. Make cannons gr8 again.

At the moment, Elemental Immunity (or even only Flak Immunity) is overpowered…

Ya this was meant as a joke.

I’m not convinced. Prior to flaks, towers didn’t do enough damage to instantly one shot a dragon unless you had like 5 lightning towers on one island. A resist actually let you utilize your opponents base to your advantage to stall for rage. You can’t really stall with flaks, they still do an insane amount of damage resisted. An immunity is nice, though I think it should come with a weakness (so should resists).


Gotta make it bolded then. I meant Flak immunity as a whole, not certain flak immunity (still part of your joke I guess)

OH. Yes. Agreed!

they are making new towers so not likely

Necryx. I love him. I’ve got him to Sapphire and pretty much maxed out. His elemental shield is great against all kinds of towers. But, when I had Atlas, Necryx died out fast. Why? Because his skills didn’t do crap against the cannons, arrows and poison bases had. My Necryx is pretty much worthless in Atlas. Something to think about

:rofl: Nice necro.

Anyway nec. He runs invader no problem. So that means you’re not flying him right. :man_shrugging:

Although it might depend on level :sweat_smile: A low level Necryx might find it tricky to fly against high level invader towers…

Yeah sapphire Necryx would definitely struggle with my invaders too…

But I kinda wonder why this would matter, even legendary line dragons are perfectly capable of cleaning out invaders around breedable level. And some of them much earlier.

Say that to Ursa :unamused:

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Haha yes not every line dragon, true. Garnet had some spectacularly shitty dragons, but Frost and Jul should be fine even there.


No it’s entirely true if you are at the lower end of the “obtainable by level…” side of things.
My Ursa solo’d invader after he got battlecry no problem

Didn’t your Ursa also have access to an extremely rare and lucrative supply of battlecry runes/glyphs? :eyes:

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