Introducing Beast Raids

It’s only 2,400 diamonds for 20 runs. Spend more than that speeding a prim up once.


Hmm I believe it when I see it.

Been burnt to many times by PG.

I want to clarify if you can raid each beast every 4 hours, or if you can only raid every 4 hours?


But if we decide to use instant Raid, obviously after we can use standard way, isn’t it? Please confirm @PGGalileo

It would have to be one raid every 4 hours, or else that’s infinite gold


It’s kind of free???

Hey it’s FREE or it’s not FREE.

Sorry to burst your bubble.

It’s black or white…

Grey doesn’t count.

That’s where they get you.:sunglasses:

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You’d still need to move around to hit different beasts, eventually you’d run out


Never assume this is PG.

Galileo once said they never lower something in one area without raising it in another…While this could be awesome? It isn’t because its too greedy…:triumph:

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Totally agree

Wish more people would see this.

Not a bad addtion, though 4hrs seems unnecessarily long. 30min - 1hr between free raids would be a lot more reasonable. I’ll use the free raid and sometimes I’ll do this but mostly I’ll just continue using Krelos or set autobattle and put my phone down while watching tv. This feels more like a way to entice people to burn through diamonds faster. With the cost of leveling gold primes there are better uses for diamonds.

IMO though completely free raids should be an added benefit of atlas elite. As it is atlas elite is fairly expensive to get every week so adding always free raids to it would make it a better value.


Remember, there are things worse than nothing :wink:


Not with neutral zones, there’s enough to last 4 hours

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It’s free once every 4 hours and has a small cost that can actually be better than buying straight gold. Happy?

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I like the change… and I’m a pessimist


Still waiting for atlas graphics update skin as promised when dungeons was released.

Oh yeah that’s true lol

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I will save my diamonds for more important things !!!

After the free raid every 4 hours is used up…

This is just a way to get us to use up our diamonds

I will definitely NOT be doing this

It is such a waste of using a resource that is needed for other things !!!


Os ponéis a añadir cosas nuevas que solo hacen de dar errores; cuando podéis explotar el potencial de muchas cosas de las que tenéis ya; como por ejemplo el santuario del dragón; ya que RYUU en lvl 16 se queda corto cuando tienes un nivel; o porque no hablar de las armaduras de dragón; que se podrían hacer para aumentar los atributos de los dragones!