Introducing Captain Tor!

Meet the last Dragon Rider to join the battle during Wintertide!

The second Dragon Rider joining Wintertide will be swooping in to assist dragons and Dragon Lords this week. He will be available as his own branch in the Seasons Tab.


The first 28 prizes of the branch will contain all of the rider shards needed to get him to his max level of 50. The second half of his branch holds his "Glacier Armor" set, which he wears into battle atop ice dragons, such as Neptus. While he can provide a power boost to any dragon without his armor, when he dons the Glacier set, he can only ride ice dragons.




Veteran of the Waves


War Dragons - Tor


When Captain Tor’s fleet was dashed upon the rocks, he found himself marooned and without hope… until the mighty dragon champion of the oceans, Neptus, took pity upon the stranded admiral. Now, Tor has left his life at sea behind, taking to the air as Neptus’ rider. The power of the tides is at their command!


Gear Element: Ice


Skill Tree:


Skill Decription Skill Points Needed Skill Level Limit Buff per Level Total Buff Gain

Dragon HP

Increase Dragon HP 1 5 0.6


Dragon Attack Increase Dragon attack 1 5 0.2 1
Dragon HP  Increase Dragon HP 1 5 0.2 1
Dragon Attack Increase Dragon attack 2 5 0.4 2
Dragon HP  Increase Dragon HP 2 5 0.4 2
Dragon Attack Increase Dragon attack 2 5 0.4 2
Dragon HP  Increase Dragon HP 2 5 0.4 2
Dragon Attack Increase Dragon attack 3 5 0.6 3
Lightning Tower Resist Increase resist against Lightning Tower 5 5 1 5
Archer Tower Resist Increase resist against Archer Tower 5 5 1 5
Ice Turret Resist Increase resist against Ice Turret 5 5 1 5
Totem Debuff Resist Decrease enemy totem debuff 5 5 -1 -5



So discounted or no? That’s what we all want to know :eyes:


Is it full price? So many hard earned sigils…
Made it easier! Avyx is the go to now


whats the gear level? believe grog was max rare and kayla was max common?

Both max rare

If i dont get the equipment of this rider or of kayla can i get them in Atlas?

Sigil the shards, forge the gear

If it’s the same as the other two, I’d guess:

Edit: Full set = 10% each to Attack and HP

Equip Type %
Boots Attack 1.8
Chest HP 1.8
Gloves Attack 1.8
Head HP 1.8
Pants HP 2.6
Rings Attack 2.6
Shield HP 3.8
Weapon Attack 3.8

And you can craft gear in Atlas, but it can be a pretty big pain to, as you’ll be limited by crafting scrolls and shards. If you won’t get a second (or third) dragon far enough to be a usable level, it might not be a bad idea to use it on gear relevant to a strong roster dragon.

Someone got a comparison between riders? cough @SavageAFforPG cough

IMO this rider looks awesome


Don’t get your hopes up… always look better in the pics then in the game(also not like you can actually see it on the dragon)

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I’m glad he goes on neptus, and the buffs sound great.

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I just hope it’s discounted

They said it’s not discounted

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Typical. Should have figured

I wish it was discounted, you have to use so many sigils just to get neptus, it would be nice not to have to use 25k more sigils. (I’m guessing that’s the cost for rider and all gear)

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The gear appears to be equivalent in the buffs provided.

Comparing the riders will take a little longer.


Yea it’s about the most asinine thing to do when releasing content so late in the season.

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price for the complete line?

wait then why were people complaining about kayla gear being weak?