Introducing Captain Tor!


The biggest difference is cost – Grogg’s entire line was half price. Kayla was half price with full price gear. Tor, it would seem, will not have a discount.


I believe they were complaining about Kayla base stats being weaker than Grogg, not the gear - or they may have misunderstood where the difference comes from.


25k sigils


@PGCrisis Are we going to get this rider for full cost or will he be discounted like riders of the past?


War dragons info said its not discounted. Fucking dumb for something you can only get in 30 Days.


Strategic move by PG. The draw is that he is made for Neptus, so spenders will have less time to get sigils without opening their wallets even further.


Any portrait preview?!


Kayla had one.
Athena i believe its called .


Grogg has a portrait too


Check her line out and you ll se the portrait over there.There is also an ingame kayla portrait that was for spindra.


:+1: I can’t check now but I’m sure you’re right!


So just comparing the naked riders (without any gear added), it seems that Tor is not as strong as Grogg, but stronger than Kayla. Am I right? Disappointing since Grogg was half price.


Confirmed there IS a Captain Tor portrait that will come with his Season branch! Kayla was a little different since the Fiend Slayer portrait was already available, so Kayla’s portrait prize was Athena.

The portrait, like all other portraits this Wintertide season, will be free to acquire once you’ve gotten to it in the line!


Grogg was half price indeed, but you can only expert him if you spent 12,500 sigils.

Kayla however, can be trained to expert using 3075 sigils when she has the discount while you need 18800 to complete the second page.


Will you allow us to get Captain Tor 50% discounted as grogg for a short time ? Afterall its close to seasonend .

Would be a great move :+1:


Naked Grogg has 9.5% Attack boost and 10% HP Boost = 19.5% total
Naked Tor appears to have 8% Attack and 8% HP= 16% total
Naked Kayla has 5% Attack and 6 % HP = 11% total
If I am reading things correctly.


Thank you so much for the reply.
Can we see any preview of the portrait ?It would be nice !


Rider Stats

Buff1base is a percent
Buff1PerLevel is also a perent

The skills are very different. Tor Appears to be far more offensive. Grogg had some skills that were completely irrelevant if you finished his line (rider Xp Gain, for example):


Rider XP was later changed to dragon XP, but support says that they can’t reset.


That’s what is listed in current files. :woman_shrugging

Which is annoying, because I got it. So I wasted those points…