Introducing Captain Tor!


This is crazy. Last dragon has always been discounted atleast since ive started. Now you replace it with a rider and dont discount it??


Yea another blatant money grab. I don’t event care if it’s just the first half that’s discounted. This is clearly only something for spenders. At least if the first half were discounted anyone could have a chance on getting him and being a little useful and then you have the whole other page of what 20k sigil requirements almost for the spenders to spend on or whatever the amount is lol

I vote just discount half, at least something for the peasants.


Thank you pg for releasing the portait


So, short version, in my opinion. Grog is still the best Rider.

Although, I’m not sure I make much use of the Archer resist right now.


The actual atlas hunter rider is better than Grogg IIRC. So my rankings would be.
Hunter rider
Kayla(xp dragon)


Except that Grogg can easily be maxed whereas Atlas rider not so easy :man_shrugging:


Dark and Ice gear for the Winter Season? That makes too much sense. I was sure I was going to get a rider with Earth gear for Borgian. :cry:


What does Grogg IIRC mean? :thinking:


IIRC = If I Recall Correctly


Grogg? :man_shrugging:


Thanks. So many acronyms.


Wasn’t Kayla 3100 sigils with the discount? Just looking at @PGSucks3597 season calculator.

Anyway so TOR will cost 6200 sigils to max. :thinking: will need to decide if worth it or I go for Avyx…


I have 8900 sigils and no dragons yet. The egg token bonus and Kayla’s first page have been claimed already. Guess I’ll wait until the last day of the season to figure out what to do … since Tor isn’t discounted. :cry:


Eenie meenie miney moe. Anyone know if there will be a good Wind or Ice dragon next season? I am going to pick the wrong gear I know it!


Pretty disappointing they couldn’t even give us any kind of a discount. Especially given how this season has gone and all the event issues and that terrible “rebalancing”. SMH. Im not surprised though, this was the season of disappointment. Guess I’ll get the 1st page and then focus on getting gold chests to save for next season.


Hello! Next season please consider releasing the rider along with the first Serb of dragons. Kayla was released late…many ppl already decided to go for dragons…then they got Kayla on the side bc of discount but turned out to be a disappointment (xp booster). Now you release Captain Tor which is better than Kayla IMO however since u did it so late in the season and there is no discount - I doubt many players will get this rider. Not many players are patient enough. Players like to plan their season out and they do this with the earlier dragons/riders/other branches released.


You spelled out their monetisation strategy:

  1. Release dragons first - make people spend their sigils
  2. Release the “shiny new thing 1” - make people spend their sigils
  3. Make “shiny new thing 1” discounted - further incentive to spend tokens NOW
  4. Release rest of the dragons - oh no I need to spend even MORE tokens
  5. Release “shiny new thing 2” - now that everyone’s spent their sigils let’s give them another reason to get more and spend more! (btw this is also the reason why it’s not discounted - it is close to end of season so no real “hurry” to make people spend sigils NOW - they’ll need to spend them anyway)

Clever and it works.


I gotta say. It’s rather disappointing that you guys are ignoring the outright questions regarding this rider being discounted.

I have to assume it’s because of the following:

The current intent and hope is to not discount it. If we shut our trappers and go with it, you’ll leave it along. If we make an uproar, you’ll fix it.

So how much of an uproar needs to be made?

I’m assuming that since event prize tables are never finalized until about 15 minutes before the event screen becomes active, you guys haven’t fully set this in stone, either.

Please, you’ve set the precedent with two past riders being discounted at least in part. Let’s follow through on this one. Don’t be a dick.


@PGCrisis any chance we can get a good glyph in the branch, for Neptus XD


I’ll make as much noise as you want me to. Where do I sign up?