Introducing Captain Tor!


SQUAWK!!! :bird:


I’m ready to just let go. PGJared ain’t around right now. None of the other mods or employees have threatened to ban me lately, so I’m feeling the bonds loosen up.

Whatever it takes.

I always find that reporting members of Pg for intellectual fallacies to generally get some attention. I love that report button.


We (me, specifically) are not intentionally ignoring anyone. There is no discount information to provide as this Dragon Rider will not be discounted.

Just because we’ve released past Dragon Riders with discounts does not mean we plan to continue this trend forever. Dragon Riders are relatively new to the game and we’re trying various different ways to introduce them. We’ll observe the data internally and continue to make decisions on seasonal discounts as we move forward.


Alrighty! So noise it is! I’m glad I know to do it.

PS- When you post something, and we all ask “Hey, is it discounted?” And you say nothing while making a few other replies, it sorta kinda looks a tad like you’re ignoring it.


Perhaps as another PR boost for the game and PG, discount the rider fully like Grogg - I’d be more than happy for that vs the PX gift for the Great Nerf of 4.0?

Also I thought it was supposed to be a defensive rider? Turns out to be more offensive that Kayla!

EDIT: if they need some commercial reasoning for it, picture this - most players are a fair way down their dragon paths already. So if undiscounted the incentive to BUY NOW isn’t really there - they’re better off finishing their lines, then seeing whats left at the end of season. So you’re left with Whales, who’ll all just buy it anyway regardless. So I reckon you can get more out of discounting as it will now be more relevant to a large proportion of the gaming populace vs the small % of whales. Think about it.


Hold up. Logic? Psshhhhh. That ain’t PGs style. Dude, they’re all about the square peg round hole.


My suggestion, since they want to see the data…

Take Tor and shove it. :slight_smile:

Don’t spend your sigils on Tor while he is full price.

But that’s just my opinion. Let’s give them that data they need to analyze.


I think I’m gonna go get Avyx then see what I got left at end of season.


I didnt read all the comments but if nobody spends on it, do u think they wont end up discounting it? …food for thought.


Damnit i spoke to soon…and late lol


Is this the end of seasonal gear being worth the sigils?


There will still be gear in seasons which you can purchase with sigils.


By worth, I believe Echo means you can buy it with sigils.


I dont think you understand my point. Seasonal gear was between Rare and Epic stats of Atlas gear, this made seasonal gear of decent value. Now you are increasing the stats of Atlas gear to where seasonal gear is only the Common stats of Atlas gear.

At the very least, could we maybe all get access to Atlas before you start increasing the divide in stats and goodies between players with and without?


The gear is always crap, not worth the sigils


I’m just holding off until the last 2 events and then I’ll choose lol. Avyx looks like a lot more fun, but Tor would be useful for a lot longer…


LMAO how PG of a response was that.


Thanks PG! You came through on the two things I hoped for this season! Neptus is awesome and a rider for him! Keep pumping out meaningful dragons and rider combos and I’ll keep shoveling you cash! :joy::money_mouth_face:


Agreed. I would strive for it if it was discounted. As it is it looks like I will finish my dragon line and have sigils left over without even bothering with super sigil chests. A discount would make me re-think that.


Yeah I would certainly think about spending sigils NOW on TOR if discounted, then buying super sigil chests at end of season to finish Avyx. As it is, I don’t need to do anything RIGHT NOW as there’s no time pressure :man_shrugging:

P.S. I do pricing/promotions strategy for a living so I know a thing or two about behavioural economics…but it’s not rocket science.