Introducing Captain Tor!


Quick question, how come the season mythics don’t get a portrait?


Because most players who get mythic will get the rider using some more $ . And rider has a cool portrait. Talk about strategy here!


By data you mean how much money PG earns from not having it discounted…got it. Your not trying to improve shit it’s all about money with this one. You would lose out on what 3k sigil worth of rubies? By discounting just the first half. Gtfoh, it’s a spit in the face to anyone who isn’t a spender

Shit even discounting the first two rows would help out non spenders.


Seasons gear will be just as good as Rare gear in Atlas if we buff the gear. All past seasons gear will be retroactively buffed if we decide to proceed forward.

Atlas Rider Gear Buffs. What about us?!?!
Atlas Rider Gear Buffs. What about us?!?!
Atlas Rider Gear Buffs. What about us?!?!

I don’t think us Atlas-less players are too impressed with that little buff when Atlas players can get 80% buff. Also, you are sounding like you are purposely “misunderstanding” people’s issue with Tor. I doubt many could get the gear anyways, seeing that there’s only what, 27 days left? I understand you are replying to a specific comment but it’s comimg across as tone deaf.


Please teach me how to get 80% buff.
I have Atlas and have forged epic and legendary gear and I‘m far away from that figure.


¯_(ツ)_/¯ go to the proposed buff thread.


As a non spender I don’t feel spit on the face. I’ve planned my entire season around getting these riders and while it would’ve been nice to get a discount I wasn’t really expecting one. Riders are now mainstream enough that PG doesn’t have to incentivize people to get them.
They told us at the start of the season exactly how many riders and dragons will be released so if you’re like me and don’t spend you have to plan your season.
I would recommend for future seasons not using your sigils on anything not discounted until everything is released. This will give you the opportunity to use your sigils in the best manner.


Getting what is getable and grinding gold chests for next season starts 4 weeks before the old season is over.
Copy that.

Had to edit it. Captain Tor still looks awesome, just his name is a bit over the top.


It appears that Tor has his 8% attack and 8% HP buffs spread out over 8 of the 12 parts of the tree, rather than the 4 parts for Grogg and Kayla. I am wondering if it will even be possible to get all 8, given the choke point buffs you have to take like a resist. Hopefully the Totem Debuff is last, and all the Attack and HP buffs are early in the tree.


Oh okay I got you, I saw that thread. I misunderstood you and thought you meant we can already get that buff.
Sidenote: I voted against that proposal.


Yup and why we shouldn’t chase “shiny new things”. Many are like cats and a laser pointer… SLAP out of it Folks!


I’m 45 days into this game and I can see myself playing further but tbh, I can’t imagine buying these crappy packs anymore. I bought during the last 2 events and feel sick over it. If there was more thrown in the $50 or $100, I’d feel better. But I promise I won’t be buying at this rate. 35k rubies, 20- 12hr Speed’s and 12 gold chests for $100 :joy::joy::joy:
Also, this $10 carnaval pack is laughable. STEP UP YOUR PACK GAME PLEASE. Some ppl wanna spend but not on :poop:


RE: Texas305/saving sigils and planning out your season:

I couldn’t agree more. I did the same: Got the egg bonus, then Kayla discount page & then just sitting on sigils until the end (or unlikely 2nd sale.)

Planning is strategic to making the most of seasonal rewards.

I just don’t understand this entitlement to things being on sale. Just because a company has a sale doesn’t mean /everything/ has to be on sale after that. If it’s too much, don’t buy it.


Welcome to the game.
To give you some perspective, a month ago packs only had 27k rubies and a year ago they had even less.


I was working on something else… but I can show his skills in order with their prerequisites. Gimme a few.


They told us there would be two riders? Not that I recall. I believe the second rider information was leaked well before PG said anything officially.


IIRC they mentioned it during the FB stream with PGCoffee before the season started


Planning ahead is definitely the way to go. I started off season with well over 500 bronze chests and quite a few gold chest. Made out well on sigils there. Finished Leos while discounted and I am 1,500 sigils from finishing Avyx now mostly from farming chests. The issue is, it is hard to plan ahead for something you don’t know for sure how it will be priced. Luckily I watched livestreams so paid attention when they said there would be two riders and didn’t expect a discount for the second.

Personally, I am not too annoyed with the price. Just annoyed with how late in the season this Tor dude is coming. But alas, I’ve saved all my benchmark rubies this season so maybe I’ll get lucky.


Then I stand corrected.

I don’t do FB, so I would have missed it. I just don’t recall anyone saying anything. Which is weird. I get told many things by many people. :man_shrugging:

Anyway, Skill tree for Tor (table doesn’t like the pipes):


Not sure if those are “ands” or “ors”

Here’s a pic: