Introducing Captain Tor!


And I remember that. My point is, ITS $100!!!
I cannot justify spending $100 on rubies, chests and speeds. 3 things! $100!!!
I’m sorry for all of you spending so much on this for so long but I’m hoping y’all dial it back a bit.
I understand they need to make money and keep it hard to level up but omg really?! Add something to packs ffs


Thanks @SavageAFforPG. So it looks like we should be able to get the full 8% HP and attack buffs easily.


Silly question on my part, but do riders act like runes in that the dragon must already have the resistance for the resistance increase to effect the dragon? Or do they actually add that resistance to the dragon?


Should I get Captain Tor in case if I get a ice type in the spring?


they have to have it just like a rune. Of course you could add the resistance using the add-ons


I’m thinking of getting Capt. Tor and using the wind armor from Kayla to power up Kinnarus. Since I would never want to put any armor on Kayla.


i like your line of thought


@PGCrisis Could the design team consider providing a defender rider next season? The -12% construction time upgrade would be a nice, scaling catchup mechanic, and limiting it to those on a team with Atlas is regressive scaling.


it was said they were gonna release defensive reader next event.


Y’all do realize if you go to unhired riders you can click on him and see his skill tree?


Actually the more rubies / gold chests and the less other items you find in a pack, the better it is. Atleast from my point of view, because it gives you the freedom of choice what to buy with those rubies.
Buy gold chests, super sigil chests, super speedup packs, XP boosts, you choose.

If packs have tons of different items, chances are that players complain that they don‘t want 90% of that stuff (see complaints about gold chest contents).
In the past there were many more items but gladly they shrunk it down to the good stuff everyone needs and stuff that is related to the current event (you will see different packs every weekend).


Sadly not even the first page for sale… then i wouldnt expect later anything for now .

The idea of getting Captain Thor with Kayla Amors sounds good .
Need to calculate what will be worth at all :slight_smile:


Has anyone make comparison of the prize between the rider and dragon? Tried to find in this forum but couldnt find it


Prize or price? Price is 25k like all the other lines.


Tor Line has 17 more Goldie’s than dragon lines :thinking:


Yes, the prize, i.e. timers, gold chest, shard…i can see the difference in prize, but i wonder how much different…probably gonna go with the one that give better prize


Then it’s prizes, plural.


Tor line, 25k sigils - 107 gold chests, 15.1k tokens, 2k fire shards, 2.5k ice shards, 10.3k elemental embers, 70 12hr timers, 399 rider shards

Dragon line (Avyx), 25k sigils - 91 gold chests, 16.9k tokens, 2.5k fire shards, 2k ice shards, 8.55k elemental embers, 105 12hr timers

Both line give same 3 silver chests, 4 wood boost, 300k rune dust, 77 mystic fragments


To everyone who‘s complaining about Tor not being discounted:
Do you go into a shop and ask the shop owner why a certain product is not discounted and then get mad and leave the store?
Like a product had a discount so now all products should have a discount :man_facepalming:t3:


It sad, but i have had customers come into my shop and actually ask if they buy a certain amount can they have a discount