Introducing Captain Tor!


Not to be too picky, but Tor’s complete line is 25,800 sigils. :man_shrugging:


So I should get him then?


I’m getting Tor + Kayla’s gear for Kinnarus until Noctua, if I manage to get that far… :rofl:


i like that practical approach from a level 180+ :joy:
I am getting another naked rider :see_no_evil:


Why “Captain Tor” is not discount?


It’s entirely the precedent set. Every line released so far outside of the main lines for the mythic, have had some sort of discount applied. Every single one. The draw of people moving away from working on the ones tied to the mythic dragons are that there’s a different sort of value. As such, it’s entirely expected that the branch would be discounted at least in part.


Well discount or not , Riders are worth to get.

Kayla was getable without gear fpr 3100… and now Captain Tor is getable to max with 6200 sigil, which you get prizes too…

I just got him, and for future its a plus to have, because of the boost at stats and help in different things.
Hope next season a one for fire will appear aswell, so soon many elements are available ^^


I don‘t know, how about reading the damn thread where countless others have asked the same?

It‘s right there:


I’m fairness, the grossly poor organization of this and most forums are never conducive to people adequately reading whole threads.


No need to read it all.

  1. Scroll over it
  2. See the highlighted admin response
  3. Et voila!

But in all fairness, they could add those answers to an FAQ in the OP so everyone can see it even faster :+1:t2:


Wonderful idea. Who do we tag to make that happen?


Just wondering how come tor not discounted?


Read my post 4 posts above yours.


Why not discounted this raider cool look Tor? It unfair is it !111!!!


Lol same shit happens in LC. People ask next event though it would be already mentioned 2 post above


Why not 4 posts.


So far I’m liking Tor. I haven’t quite mxed him out, but I put Kayla’s equipment on him and put him on Kinnarus and hes making a big diference. Now Kinnarus can finish the 312 level exp run solo and is only lv 23.