Introducing Kayla, the Fiend Slayer

Meet the newest Dragon Rider joining the battle during Wintertide!

The first of the two Dragon Riders joining Wintertide will be swooping in to assist dragons and Dragon Lords this coming week. She will be available as her own branch in the Seasons Tab.

Her branch will be discounted through 1/2/2018. The discount will be on the first 28 prizes of the branch, which will contain all of the rider shards needed to get her to her max level of 50. The second half of her branch holds her famous "hurricane armor set," which she wears into battle atop wind dragons. While she can provide a power boost to any dragon without her armor, when she dons her hurricane set, she can only ride Wind dragons, such as Equestor.



Fiend Slayer

​War Dragons - Kayla

The Celestials have a long-standing fondness for sparring and gladiatorial combat, and Kayla is no exception. To stay at peak physical condition, she brings her righteous fury and peerless swordsmanship both to the arena and the battlefield; after all, one must be ever vigilant, ready to strike down Kharnyx and the forces of darkness whenever it may strike.


Gear Element: Wind

Skill Tree: 

Skill Decription Skill Points Needed Skill Level Limit Buff per Level Total Buff Gain
Dragon Attack Increase Dragon attack 1 5 0.6


Totem Debuff Resist Decrease enemy totem debuff 1 5 -0.4 -2
Dragon Attack Increase Dragon attack 2 5 0.4 2
Lightning Tower Resist Increase resist against Lightning Tower 2 5 0.57 2.85
Dragon XP Gain Increase Dragon XP gain 2 5 0.57 2.85
Lightning Tower Resist Increase resist against Lightning Tower 3 5 0.8 4
Dragon Training Cost Reduction Decrease Dragon training cost 3 5 -0.8 -4
Dragon HP Increase Dragon HP 3 5 0.4 2
Dragon XP Gain Increase Dragon XP gain 3 5 0.7 3.5
Dragon Training Cost Reduction Decrease Dragon training cost 5 5 -1 -5
Dragon HP Increase Dragon HP 5 5 0.8 4
Dragon XP Gain Increase Dragon XP gain 5 5 1 5


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She looks great…
Great marketing PG! You gave us Grogg, we saw how amazing he is/was and now you give us Kayla (crap name btw) we are all excited and dive in to get her, only to realise that stats are sooo far behind Grogg.
I’m unimpressed!
Damn PG, you got meh


Grogg is better and was also cheaper. Classic PG giving us less for more. :ok_hand:


Kayla is cheaper if you don’t bother with her gear. I’m not getting the gear. Let’s see if next rider is better!

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I agree, it’s a shame you cant equip her gear. She’s spec’d for Dragon XP Boost, which is useless if you put any armour on.

If only there were a way to switch armour without cost. If there were, I’d build an epic set of each element type, and change armour out to match the dragon. But not at 400 rubies per swap.

I hope it is because Kayla is disappointing. I dont want a glorified wisdom rune :poop: some of us don’t have atlas.


No its more because I don’t have any decent wind drags. Plus she’s very useful for xp boost so I don’t want to limit her to wind drags only.

Any chance the second half of tree will be discounted later this season?

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I beg to differ, the 28 prizes don’t provide with enough shards (feathers). I am 4 (!!!) short.

yes, i opened a ticket, and i am not mad. Had a box of cookies.


Kayla event shards are glitched. I claimed them all and can only get to level 49. Game telling me to go to Atlas for more shards to make expert. Others are getting her expert from the event prizes. Ticket has been logged.

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What are the stats on her gear? I do like how they separated her gear toward the second half.

Expert Kayla without gears gives about 40% less buff in Attack and Health compared to Grogg. Is this intended? @PGCrisis


Kayla stats

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If you take the gear off of grogg you would see about the same if I remember right.

Any stats with the armor?

No. The number came from rider itself, without the armors.


Classic good ol’ PocketGrabbers… like others have said, giving less and costing more. This game is becoming so pathetic.

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Armor buffs are the same as Grogg’s. We saw them in the live stream and Arelyna’s maxed out rider had 15% atk bonus and 16% HP bonus.

@PGCrisis can we please get some feedback regarding people getting different amounts of shards from page 1? Apparently some people got the amount they were supposed to, some people got more than they needed, and others didn’t get enough to max lvl and are stuck at lvl 49. I hope for some resolution or answers before the weekend/holidays as this is clearly a time sensitive matter given the sale.

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And this was why I created the other thread, and you thought it was because I’m bored?

  1. you should have explicitly stated in game that she is much weaker than grogg and costs double

  2. you should have made the discount clear to not be 50% off half of the prizes, but that its a 2875 sigil discount off a 25k prize set.

Now you have a decent product (pretty wisdom rune) that will vastly under sell. Waste of development time