Introducing Kayla, the Fiend Slayer


Same Ask.
Please let us know whether we’ll get half prize for the second page.


She’s a great wisdom rune… er Rider… … oh heck giant Wisdom rune lol…
perfect for prepping dragons for Feeding event :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Here’s the breakdown of the total cost (including the discount price)

And vital items breakdown


Thanks for the numbers breakdown, you can really see pocket gremlins in action


I got her bound to Danzig. Test fly: Danzig without a rider. Visual glitch?


Did she finish bonding?

Also she’s located in a very low spot on the dragon. She’s kinda hard to see but she should be there?

If not then maybe file a ticket :+1:


Every player should try to complete inside this 2 weeks the wirst page as long its half price. After it people will be able to max out rider Kayla and safe sigils for max out or different things. At least the expensive prizes could be worth it .


yes, hours ago. Bonding is fully finished.


Exactly what Gox said. This is a pathetically weak rider. Gear is full price and really could be substituted for any gear you can craft, making is more flexible than to choose the more expensive (not discounted) wind gear. Therefor I will compare only rider stats without gear.

Vanquisher (Standard hunter rider)
12% HP, 13% Attack = 25% Total stat boost

Grogg (previous season rider)
10% HP, 9.5% Attack = 19.5% Total stat boost

Kayla (current season rider, equivalent price without gear)
6% HP, 5% Attack = 11% Total stat boost

Extremely disappointed with the choices you have made here PG. I don’t really care if you tweak the balance of defence/attack to make more variety of choice, but to have a decrease in total value is just a waste of hard earned sigils. There isn’t even a decent choice of bonus resists which might have somewhat mitigated your reduction of stat increases! Although this is rather meaningless as the variety of towers means resists don’t make much difference these days! XP bonus is utterly useless as the intention for the (limited) riders is to have them bonded to your strongest dragons who will be maxed!! This is particularly limiting if only used on wind dragons if the gear offered is use (who wants to spend 400 rubies to make their rider useful as a wisdom rune??).
@PGCrisis please request that these values are rebalanced to at least Grogg’s level, I am well aware there is a lot of work and consumables to earn the standard rider (Vanquisher) skill tree benefits. Perhaps consider boosting the HP rather than the attack, which is a tradeoff since most would prefer attack power, but at least the total value would be equal.


personally i see these event riders as a means of making atlas a more level playing field for all the new teams. Kayla is definitely under powered and should have the same stats as Grogg (at least). Furthermore being a “divine limited edition riders” (Grogg & Kayla) they should have something unique, be it gear or skills!

now providing the complete rider in the first half of the tree, and making it half price i fully support and applaud pg!!! Craft your own gear later at your own pace!


She is a bit underwhelming. Please consider some tweaks.