Introducing new towers?

Hello, guys I was wondering why PG doesn’t make seasonal tower with special visual effect ?

They put effort changing the gameplay of the dragons with the new invoker class but I feel like the defence gameplay remain the same and is not so fun.

Why don’t hey introduce season tower with special effect and spécial skin for the base ?
What do you think about that guys ?

I guess it’s because building a new tower affects your level?
Like, why collecting something if it makes your base worse?


I feel that the focus of this game is on the dragons, not the towers. We interact with dragons more than we do towers so it seems natural that developers would also focus on dragons rather than towers.

Also, we struggle enough to get the towers we currently have. Imagine another seasonal currency :cold_sweat:


I disagree with that…
Because what kind of gameplay improvement you can have when you are grinding dragons that have to destroy the same archetype of base since 3 year …

You can focus on dragons as much as you want but if your drags only have to deal with 5 or 6 type of tower most of the time on every base, the gameplay will be poor no mater what kind of improvement you can add to dragons.

That’s only my point of view.

While I understand that over years of playing there is always going to be a feeling of stagnation, plenty of new towers have been added.

Since the Sigurd event, 12 towers (5 totems, 2 turrets and 5 flaks) have been introduced. Coupled with the ember scarcity ( unless you purchase a lot ) there is a pretty huge amount of customisation available. Not to mention tower levels have gone from 35 ish to 85 in the same time frame, and gear & perches have been introduced to add extra levels of difficulty to the base.

My view point from this is, do we really need towers diversity to become as saturated in diversity/gimmick as divines have?

One simple question with the idea.
What is changed when someone build a tower? And what is changed when someone breed a new “divine” dragon?

Also, towers don’t have a limit, unlike dragons. If we give a limit to the tower, it won’t be relevant as it’s just a waste of exp.

Furthermore, even if they creates the rss like Atlas riders (special rss to unlock/build, normal rss to level), an irreversible sacrifice has to be made, which is building an entire new towers, unlike training dragons.

I agree with you. I don’t know what the obsession is with making new tiers of dragons constantly and giving no love to towers…

I would love them to introduce like 10 new towers and the ability to recycle old towers. That would make the game way more interesting.

Or make riders that specialize in boosting older towers like cannon, lightning, etc.

Or do both :slight_smile:

In a way dragons do have a limit. They can only go up so high. As new tiers come out eventually dragons have to be stored away since you couldn’t get the next stone for said tier.

I think it would be cool to have some more variety and make it an exclusive, collectable like season dragons are. I think it could work making it like the rider lines and get the special resources in the line to level it up. Only be able to get those resources in that line like the rider branches.

Since they are a seasonal tower, make it so you can only build one and that it doesn’t give xp as you level it up. That way you don’t have to worry about over leveling by working on this tower.

Although then comes in the problem with timers. I’m not sure I would want to waste my valuable timers on a seasonal tower. It is hard enough to level up my bases towers and speed up hatching of eggs. Maybe they can include enough timers to finish off the tower in the lines. Or get it close at least like they did with the exotic rune.

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Dragons do have limits as dragon level is fixed. For towers, it will grow everytime PG releases a new tier.

Completely the opposite. Building offensive towers without growing level will be one good investment for base (DP-wise), although it feels awkward.

Conceptually maybe. Why would I stop gaining XP and throw away timers when my base wouldn’t defend against the level 600 hitting me in Atlas, and pulling away tier wise faster than I can grind?

In another universe this might work, but not with the current broken and uber expensive economy.

I still think it would be a cool idea to implement especially since you could always go back to them if you wanted to. Another way to get more timers and IF they ever fix the timer economy then it would be an awesome thing to spend timers on.

Just in half that time several new flak type towers have been added to the game. Strong kill islands commonly have at least one of the new types of flaks.

Hmm, for most dragons, isn’t leveling beyond breeding a waste of resources too?

Edit: and why the fixation on not increasing your level? Leveling your base allows you to level and breed more dragons

:roll_eyes: Level 240 with one Lv 60 towers will be weaker (most of the times) than lv 240 with (say) 15 lv 60 towers.
Purely for defensive reason

Depending on your base layout and where you are leveling the new tower, it could have no impact on your defense until you are done getting it to the desired level.

This is the point I’m trying to understand. Your base level is largely irrelevant after a certain point (except if your over 500 in atlas or when it comes to hunting resources). In fact, having an artificially low base level actually stunts your progress. I’m not suggesting build towers Willy nilly for the sake of building, that would be wasteful (especially given the scrooginess of PG when it comes to timers). But

Perhaps a consideration might be a seasonal reskin for towers… not necessarily part of the seasonal lines, but perhaps like how they introduce “special” portraits. Change the look and even the visuals on the shots fired.

Introduce a new defensive consumable… temporary tower projectile speed increase, attack boost or even something that transfers health from one tower to another.

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The only new tower should be a New Mage Tower. Something that combine the 2 Mages ( Red and Blue) into 1 tower, like the Earth Flak do ( Ice + Storm towers).
This tower can be upgradable Only with Fire and Ice Shards ( Fire =red mage / Ice= blue Mage)

@xMacellaio Are we trying to make red & blue mages apart of the growing list of useless towers?

Going to add a question mark to the title and move this to the suggestions section to avoid any confusion

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