Introducing: Perch Resistances - Official Discussion Thread

Here we gooooo - check out Perch Resistances (formerly Megaperches): Introducing: Perch Resistances

  • How could I resist?! (Positive)
  • Oh neat, more perches (Neutral)
  • Resistances Schmeschmistances (Negative)

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When does it go Live?

Right meow.


Idk how to even feel about this this literally just makes it feel like it defeats the purpose of gearing bases


Here’s a reminder of the perch coverage zones! :hugs:


This really makes extending my base to islands 3 - 6 way more difficult tbh


I don’t think it devalues gear. Based off what I am seeing, I think gear still functions the same. Rather it lets you tailor your base to fight certain dragons, without necessarily having to change your setup. For example, having trouble fighting off calavore, add dragons that give it an increased hunter and dark resistance.


Oh I love this. Definitely adds to the planning and makes longer bases more important. I’m looking forward to playing with this. Even if it requires tweaks, it should be good.

Also, kudos to the new UI change for dragon missions. I like that gifts no longer block missions.


Like every other thread I’ve heard having trouble defending against one dragon making it a one dragon base really makes the rest of your base vulnerable against other dragons depending on the dragon.
The sad thing I see is it threw my elemental plan of a ice elemental Destar gear out the window. Since the elements were removed and not everyone thinks to expert all of their lineage dragons up to that point in the game since they cost a lot to feed and a long time to grind XP.
Edit: it seems to just concern me because of one little flaw. But their will most likely be glitches coming with this thing once I get it probably and hopefully not cause good god Atlas lag and PvP breaking weeks ago to 2 months that was an awful experience.
Second point I see the part were I’m not really use to is class resistance that’s the second part that is concerning


Yes! This is definitely the intended effect. The goal is to give Bases more flexibility in targeting specific Dragon threats as the meta changes. In turn, we hope this encourages Attackers to keep a more diverse stable of Dragons in their roster at the ready. We’ll be monitoring the effects this feature has on the meta very closely.


Will we get to see all the dragons on the perch?


Yes, this was added. You can tap on a Perch to view active Resistance numbers in Tactical View.


I think you might be misunderstanding how this works. You assign the dragon and rider to the perch like nomral. Then you can assign an additional four dragons that don’t have riders or gear to give it further resists and weaknesses for dragons. Or not assign them if you don’t want to.

But the defensive riders and defensive gear function exactly the same as before.


I know I can see in the menu, I want to see four awesome dragons standing in my perch on my base.


Hmm. I feel like what would be best is to take count of what dragons(class wise and to seperate them off the bat) that are used on your base, coupled with what element, and how much each class is used against your base so you can select an optimal perch load out. That’s just my thoughts but I will be logging/recording attacks on my base for that very reason

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Is it possible to see what resists someone has on their perch when going to attack them?


Can someone explain the + and - on the classes. Hunter give -5% Warrior and +5% Sorcerer. What does the actually mean. It wasn’t clear in the announcement page.


Not against this just don’t know how to feel about it it’s kinda iffy since I’m picky with new stuff like people were with Calavore heck I didn’t like the way that dragon looked but turns out it’s a spam able cloak don’t judge a book by it’s color although the design really makes me think it’s a lot more naked than other hunters and I’m not saying dragons wear close it’s just weird from my point of view of seeing Prospero’s, Pathox, Ronin, Rashka, Scorpa, etc. then to find this design makes me feel slightly like Sepulla fooled me and really wanted that design to be the hunter.
Anyone could be scared of something new cause it’s new.

Can see that but when I see those decreases that can be implied that’s the scary part of it.
Maybe I’m not looking at it from the most brightest perspective just how their is a positive and negative percentage really makes me concerned on how I’m going to extend my base eventually


Do the resistances stack? If I have 3x dark hunters, will my base have resistance to Krelos at +30%?