Introducing the Atlas Events Leaderboard

Get ready, Dragon Lords! We’re adding a brand new Atlas Events Leaderboards next week to see just which team is the most consistently dominant guild in our Atlas events! This Leaderboard will complement the existing Atlas Season Leaderboard, which will be renamed to Castle Leaderboard. Both leaderboards will be moved to the Prizes and Ranks tab. With this new leaderboard, we will see the most active teams emerge during the Atlas Strange Lands season!


Earn Events Leaderboard points through the end of the Strange Lands season and win lucrative prizes based on your team’s ranking.

Details are below:

  • The Events Leaderboard will reward teams with points after each Atlas event
    • The points earned by a team is the summation of points based on individual players’ event achievement:
Event Prize Rank Leaderboard Points
1-14 0
15 15
16 16
17 17
18 18
19 19
20 20
21 21
22 22
23 23
24 24
25 25
26 26
27 27
28 28
29 29
30 30
31 32
32 34
33 36
34 38
35 40
  • Please Note: Only the top 40 players of each team for each event will contribute to their team’s leaderboard points.

    • Example: Team A has 50 members. In the Fight For Glory event, 30 players reach prize 30, 10 players reach prize 25, and 10 players reach prize 20. Team A will earn 1150 points.
  • The Events Leaderboard will reward lucrative prizes at the end of the season based on leaderboard placement:

Leaderboard Placement Event Leaderboard Prizes (Days of Expedites)
1 500
2 400
3 300
4-6 250
7-10 200
11-25 150
26-50 100
51-100 50
101-300 25
301-500 10

Please note that the new Atlas Events Leaderboard is in its Beta test phase, and we’ll be monitoring this feature closely and will make tweaks as needed.


Ooh sounds cool


Sounds time consuming 😵‍💫 and okay, a little bit cool :sweat_smile:

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Yay I can’t wait to use this

once I have atlas


That’s a pretty severe drop in timers from 1st to 51st


You’re either the best or worst :eyes:


Yeah but…that’s plain saying “you suck!” and gets a shoe thrown at you too :confounded:

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Wouldn’t mind an event reminder button similar to the regular game to be added there too :grimacing:

Eh. The concept is sound, but it suffers from a lack of understanding of the game. As has been pointed out repeatedly, there’s already a problem in the game in that the folks at the top get massive additional rewards that help ensure that they stay at the top. This just adds to the issue, widening the gap and decreasing competition rather than increasing it.


Time to work even harder is only my 204 k points so far counted

Yep and we are already seeing some severe power creep as it is.

We all like prizes and the ability to compete at higher levels but I think with it dropping off so fast it really removes motivation to play.


It’s almost like the game needs a actual long term singular objective :man_shrugging:
Go figure ……
A leader board is not a objective :rofl:

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You nailed my sentiment…I see that and think pffffffft have a ball with that. I’m noping out. There is such a large amount of people contending that even to make the bottom will require super performance…and add to that cheating…the idea is nice…

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Hey all,

Just an update. This is now live. A couple of things to note:

  1. The current Atlas Season Leaderboard (castle-based) will move to the Prizes and Ranks tab, and there will also be the new Atlas Season Events-based Leaderboard. The new leaderboard will say “No event results recorded” until Monday when the current Atlas event ends and scores from it are processed.

  2. The caching for the ranks shown on the tiles of the Prizes & Ranks tab is done separately from the caching of the leaderboards when you go into the pages. There can be a lag between the value shown on the tile and the value seen when entering the leaderboards. If you wait a few minutes, then leave Atlas and re-enter, these values should update.

If there are any other questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to let us know in this thread.


What do u get as prizes ?

It’s literally listed right above


But what is the prize. I’m I not seeing this correctly. Is it a portrait some atlas chest what ?

Look at event leaderboard prizes column. The prizes are timers. That’s it.


Expedites = clocks/timers/speed ups or whatever you like to call them

So 1st place = 500 days of clocks


Lol… funny pattern on entire 1st page and most of 2nd :laughing:

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