Introducing the new Archmage Towers

Hello Dragon Lords,

You may have noticed a new tower in your UI! This is the Archmage Tower. The purpose of the Archmage Tower is to provide a new, optional path for players looking to bolster their defenses.

Here are a few salient bits for you to consider:

  • The new Archmage Towers work with the existing research for Red and Blue mage towers!
  • New Archmage Towers will have new runes released in the future, and currently do not work with existing Red and Blue mage runes.
  • The Archmage towers cost 1/3rd the price of other Electrum Towers, giving you more power per bar!
  • New Archmage Towers have added damage to their supershots.

Design Intent

We wanted to give players a way to build cool new towers without having to justify removing an existing tower to make room for it.

The new Archmage Towers allow players to get an awesome new upgrade to the most commonly used defense towers in the game. The Archmage towers are sturdier versions of the Red and Blue mage towers, with a more threatening supershot ability. Archmage supershots have added damage in addition to all of the effects of the Red and Blue mage supershots, this should turn some slim losses to wins when defending your base against enemy Dragon Lords.

In order to make the transition over to the newer towers more convenient, for the first time ever existing research applies to these electrum towers. All upgrades to buildings or Red and Blue mage towers will be applied to their respective Archmage counterparts. In the future, we plan to release runes to power up the Archmages even further and make the experience of flying against these towers even more unique.

Note: We are aware of the discontent surrounding the late announcement of the Archmage towers, and the lag of information beforehand. There were new and unique issues that presented late in the testing process that delayed us from sharing information beforehand.

Our goal was to make sure we presented as accurate information as possible, and this time around - that came at the cost of information expediency. I’ve worked with the team to ensure that communication processes around similar issues in the future will be handled better.

One of the outcomes of those meetings is that we’ve decided we can share artwork much earlier in the future - instead of keeping all of the information bundled together.

Tower Levels

Archmage Towers FAQ

What is an Archmage Tower’s Supershot ability?

The Archmage Tower Supershot ability fires a projectile that deals a little damage and applies rage drain and rage freeze.

What is the range of the Archmage Tower’s Supershot attacks?

Supershot Attack range: 75

What’s the best strategy for building the Archmage Towers?

The Archmages are new defensive towers that fill a similar role to Red and Blue Mage Towers. Anywhere on your base that you currently use a Red Mage or a Blue Mage, you can consider upgrading to the increased damage and durability of an Archmage.

How many Archmage Towers can I build?

You can build as many as you want. Similar to other Mage Towers, there is no restriction on the placement or quantity of Archmage Towers on your islands.

At what level can I build my first Archmage Tower?

You can build both of the Archmage Towers once you have reached Level 45

When will the Archmage Towers become available?

The Archmage Towers will be available alongside this week’s Fortification Frenzy event.

How do I upgrade my Archmage Towers?

The Archmage Towers can be upgraded using Electrum Bars, which can be obtained from the new Archmage Tower Seasonal Branch. There will be enough Electrum Bars in the Archmage Seasonal Branch for Dragon Lords to get three Archmage Towers to max level.