Introducing: War Dragons Tracker

Greeting Dragon Lords,

It seems like ages since the last War Dragons Summit, but I’d like to share with you today a project that we’ve been working on in order to get closer to the goal of greater transparency. Introducing: the War Dragons Tracker! This tracker exists as a Trello board that we’ll be updating on a weekly basis. Here, you’ll find updates to upcoming content as well as links to relevant resources, discussions, and content.

I’ve also added a “WD Tracker” button to the forums right next to the PG Tracker that should take you there.

Please be sure to read the Readme and FAQs for some important details. You can always access this again by clicking the button in the top-right of the board.

Please note that for this initial launch, we’ve kept the lists to a minimum. We hope to add Upcoming Fixes, Resolved Issues, and some other things in the future.

Participate in the discussion here!