Invader base levels

I know I have seen a list somewhere that shows invader tower levels at each player level, but now that I need it to see if I can push the next level during fort, I can’t seem to find it. :man_shrugging:

I’ve searched but the best I can find is a post from PGecho talking about levels 186+ and Red telling someone not to level more because they could barely solo their current invader. I’m not in that situation, I am just thinking about the last 2 plats I need to breed next event. Player level 116 and building my farms to 39 will push me up to 117. I’m not sure I want the extra tower level if they drop at 117.

Can someone direct me to this mysterious spreadsheet/list?

@Luffy I believe had this spreadsheet. Don’t know if it was ever finished. Figured I’d tag just to be safe.
I guess it’s not the right person. Cancel that

I don’t think you need a spreadsheet to know if you can solo the next level or not, they don’t increase that much per level.

Also if you have farms at 39 I’m guessing you are breeding legendary plats, in which case I guaranteed you can solo it up until 120-125, might have to get the dragon to level 2 first to unlock the first spell, but that would just take 2/3 runs.

What is this kind of chaos you speak? :open_mouth:

In all seriousness, you’re probably right but I’d still like the information if someone has it available.

That was it, thanks man! No idea why I couldn’t find that myself.

Well that is wrong. 183-218 are not correct.

209 has L42
213/214 has L43

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I’m sure it’s missing many updated things. That’s an old one not sure if there is a new one. Maybe you can manage to make it? If you have time anyways.

I saw that @JustCallMeTrep had posted this and messaged him about it in mid February. That’s the last time this version has been updated. Doesn’t appear that he comes by the forums too often anymore but has line and I’m sure would be willing to provide an updated version when possible.

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Here is my most recent update, still need some information from higher levels! As @Ebony mentioned, I am always available on Line but @ing me works too! haha It should be correct but if you find any that are off, please let me know.


Hiya Joker, you may want to edit that post to remove the old one, I’ll go find where I posted it originally and do the same, so people see the new only.

Done thanks

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It looks like @JustCallMeTrep needs to be added to the list of Geeks :wink:

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lol thanks Atops :wink:

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