Invader Base Scaling

Curious to see the thoughts on this. A max Harbringer takes level 357 but the invader is relatively easy for these dragons to clear. As you get higher in level the dragon doesn’t get any stronger but the base does. By the time Invader is all 60s it’s hard for dragons to beat while being trained. Is this scaling properly?

Don’t think invaders are meant for baby dragons?

So they’re only meant for max harbringers? :thinking:

Doesnt really make sense to scale towers after lvl 357. Scaling should be based on which dragons you can hatch and max. And that stops at lvl 357


Kind of what I thought…but it goes way past that lol

Not up in that stratosphere yet so no further comment from me!

On the other end… brand new accounts with Atlas access hit invaders full of level 10 towers.

They have no chance of beating that solo until they have some good orange orange dragons, but they get a full base of lvl 10 towers while breeding reds and purples.

It seemed to be met with agreement but I’ve heard nothing more. @PGDave

I do like the idea, but for now there are bigger fish to fry on the roadmap (e.g., all the 4.15 stuff we posted about and had some discussions about earlier this month). The invader is still a good option most of the time, and I don’t expect we’ll change it in the near future.

I would say for the majority of players with atlas the invader would be the highest priority because that is the part of atlas that every body likes.

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