Invader Base Updates - Official Discussion Thread

Please discuss the updated Atlas Invader bases here.


Nice, Brutus should struggle with the Invader now, too. :rofl:


Why not lvl 100 towers ?

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Can you clarify what you mean by this? Will the xp update be in a following update? Or will it come with the increase in tower levels?

Sad day. No more unsupervised Nucifera gold runs.

It would be better to add lvl 102 towers, so people can get proper training. They have it too easy now and start to get lazy.

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I wish you’d link the invader to tower levels available so in the future it auto updates


I don’t think that’s needed. It’ll either be too hard for the average person to be a challenge for strong fliers, or the boost will be so little as to be inconsequential.

It’ll also make levelling breeders,
Especially naturally weak ones an even bigger chore than it is now.

Gold is a chore. Making a chore harder won’t make it more fun when it’s something people are having to do multiple times a day.

I wouldn’t be against them making an optional hard mode which gives more gold/lets you use multiple multipliers in one run. Hell I really think they should be letting us burn multiple multipliers for a gold penalty anyway. There are enough chores


I totally agree this. Invader should be the place which keep gamers working and not being lazy like they seems to be nowadays.

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Which are the requirements for the new tower levels @PGGalileo

Invader Base updates we want: Monuments to be markable by spells like Hunter’s Mark

Invader Base updates we get: higher level towers

Suggestion: Give us the option for Super invader runs that pay out the equivalent of x4 or x5 Gold/Shards/XP and uses up x5 the amount of our daily gold multipliers. Grinding through all of our multipliers each day becomes so tedious when we dont have any dragons we’re specifically trying to level up. Especially during pvps when we’re already busy doing event runs. This could even be an added feature for atlas elite.


I really don’t get the needing invader bases to be more challenging, isn’t that why we attack other players. No matter how hard you make invader it’s never going to have live defense anyway so there’s only so much practice it will give you.
When I’m flying invader it’s usually either to level a weaker dragon or farm gold, making invader harder without making it an option just makes two of the games biggest chores that much more of a pain.
I’m not necessarily saying this is a bad update because the extra xp will be nice but now it will be a lot harder to get backing for xp. The thing that will really hurt though is not being able to grind out gold runs without being completely engaged. For anyone active in atlas a lot of time is spent flying for gold, and a lot even have multiple accounts they need to do that on.

@PGEggToken a lot of people have been suggesting difficulty options when attacking invader bases, is this even being considered?
I for one think it would be an amazing idea that would go along way to help the qol for players.


Yep @DreadedSloth has a thread bout it.

We built a tool for it this time around. It’s not fully automatic, but definitely a step up from before.

I like this suggestion! I’ll bring it up with the team.

Sorry, I don’t follow. Do you mean level requirements?


For reference here is @DreadedSloth 's suggestion for invader bases.


The team working on anything for none Atlas?
OfficialxpFarms Xp-Beannie is not max XP for a lot lower level.

Have never been anywhere near the levels stated.

Make the base progressive. Win easy, last long island harder.
Many possibilities. Just for experience and learning? Small bonus, loot? Changing layout each month?

Yes builder hut , level to start building 101 , 102

Edit# : I can see I need 478 for 101 but cant see 102s

It would be very good to have the chance to choose the level and if the bases may have red/blue mage towers so to increase or not difficulty

Yea it would be pretty nice to get some mage towers on invader bases so it can be some actual worthwhile practice - would still be missing flaks but at least it simulates a little more an actual player’s base…

Ye, make same as assault bases. Players want hard bases then that’s the way to go.