Invader Levels?

Are you serious with the invader dp right now? 243 mil is a tad excessive.


At my level 209 it’s 100 mil base defense. That is ridiculous. I literally have to use my 3 best dragons to clear it. PG you have made it impossible for someone to run the invader base without help from another teammate. This is way beyond the realm of possibility for most players. You will be driving players away from running atlas completely.

Yeah, I don’t get what’s going on. When the XP was first increased, the invader bases weren’t touched. Then they were “fixed” and the XP given was correct and the bases were harder to beat. Next, the XP was reduced and they also weren’t as hard to beat. Now, the XP given is correct again, but the bases are WAY harder to beat than they were the first time around when the XP was correct. What’s going on?!?

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Boosting should no longer be on the bases which is what was causing the DP increase.

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