Invader tower levels

Does anyone know at what player level the Atlas invader towers increase?
I’m currently 162 and can only kill my level 35 towers with Kinnarus and Kelvin.
We have fortification today and I’m afraid if I level my towers will go up to 40 and then I won’t have strong enough dragons to take them down.

I would honestly recommend not leveling up period.

Build farms, mills, and main island buildings.


I believe its around 185 when they max out

Prolly 186 cause thats when u get Max xp outside of atlas

Thanks everyone for your input. I ended up leveling to 166 so that I could get the platinum Equestor stone. That put my Invader towers at 36, so I’m not doing anymore in this event. It’s too bad, I would really like more sigils for Equestor.
I’m still miffed that they came out with breeding and fort so fast.

If u really wanted to waste upgrade totems. Zero xp gain. And decent point. But that’s just if u want to was shards and speedups

Level up breeding castle and incubator. Don’t forget den and storage.

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or get someone to follow you on the XP runs or use multiple dragons.

You need to think of what you are capable as a level 154… At that level you can max out your legendary saphir dragon… And have good garnets aswell…
At level 158 your mystic saphir can be maxed… so its a bit up to that too… a balanced leveling with breeding is helpful. Otherwise you will have problems. I guess Hunter or Warrior can take out it too, but depend on which one and how tactictly played.

? Breed and fort on are a 4 week cycle. Plan on it :man_shrugging:t3: Breed is in 1.5 weeks btw’s

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