Invalid Attack - aka "we just wasted your last 2 minutes"

I just picked the game back up a few months back and I am having a blast with Hueso and Talariok.

However, there is one aspect of the game that is quite frustrating. During Temple Raid, I must have gotten 30+ invalid attacks… which equates to an hour of wasted play time. TIME is the players most important resource. Having a gaming model setup to nullify multiple customer’s attacks is absolutely bad business.

If possible, give the player these (2) options options:

    1. return consumables, no individual or team points added
    1. consumables are spent, keep individual points, no team points added

I love my team, but would pick #2 every time… because I hate wasting my time. Please give me the choice. Thoughts? Am I missing something?


You already get 1. So what you really want is to change 1. to 2.


This has always been the case. However, might check “Inventory” as Mega attack is refunded as Mega Coin, not IF and Energy

1 contradicts ur post.

2 is a viable option that I would love to have.

You need to fly faster

#1 is the current scenario, that perhaps some player who wants their consumables to go into team points would select.

It has less to do with flying fast as much as being on an active team with multiple players hitting an island at the same time. There could be at least 5 team members hitting the last 1000 points and only one of us will get it the points… the other 4 wasted our time.

It is not a player issue, but a game mechanics issue.


Well competitiveness is the nature of the game.
And sometimes it means competing against our own team.
Just like in gauntlet. Once Gustav island comes, it turns into a mad scramble for points amongst active teammates. There are some who krelos their way and have excellent network connection, and thus get the most points.
And some just have average network connection and get moderate points.
So sometimes you may not get points.
The game mechanics are supposed to instill competitiveness among us. Modifying it would defeat it’s purpose.
As per points, yes I agree with your solution labelled 2. It’s a good solution which I would definitely like getting in the game.
But pls do not say to change the game mechanics.

health potion doesn’t get refunded.If i used for attack.Anyway loss of tim plus loss of potions is guaranteed.

You guys are misunderstanding option #1. It is being offered for some players who prefer the current system.


I’m 90% sure you get a heal pot back.

Apparently you don’t :man_shrugging:

And im 100% sure that 90%+ dont care about healing pots :nerd_face:


There’s 2 types of people that lacks heal pot
New players
And hauheset enthusiasts


I agree. The game should never invalidate a players attack.

:thinking: I don’t think XP is rolled back either.
Just consider Heal pots and food are the cost of xp run.

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I agree with this post. The game should never give you no points for an attack. PG should find a fair price way to award something. I like option #2 above.

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But, but…

The fastest flyer.

Not necessarily, or even likely - just he who launched his attack first.

Same problem with Atlas. Too much time spent with attacks which have a null result. I recently participated in a castle raid - 6 attacks, not one result.

Wasted time is not fun.


Bad idea, this would make a team lose in gauntlet where every second matters. The faster flyer counts and this shouldnt be changed.

Maybe make the base dump you out and quit the attack the moment the attack becomes invalid? I don’t think the OP is so much upset about the loss, but the waste of time.