Inventory list of items available

Please provide a way to get a list of active inventory items. I.e. I want to know how many shards nd of what type I currentlyhave, at a quick glance, so I can better determine my builds during fort event

Go to an open spot and act like you will build a new elemental tower. It will display how many shards you have.

As wonderful as it would be, personal requests from the forums are currently unavailable. Please leave a message and staple a $100, and your personal request will be addressed in some unknown amount of time.

All jokes left at the top of the reply, please utilize the search function when trying to announce unique ideas. As already stated, you can view your supply of shards by looking at new buildings to build or upgrading old ones.

Unfortunately the PG targetting system is very antiquated and it takes a very long time to engage a bandit once picked up by radar.


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