Inventory viewer (at least for hidden/harder to find items) XD

Low priority but figured getting it onto a list somewhere would be nice, if it isn’t already, as I don’t remember others getting a response… :see_no_evil: @PGEggToken @PGCrisis

Whether this is for everything or just the ones that are hidden altogether/at certain points in time, it’s also something that’d help out newer players.

Dragon Hoard

It’s mocked up as collapsible in case too many calls going out was a concern, but if it’s all already available, then it could probably just be shown in-line instead?

  • Atlas: primarily Haste, as the rest of it isn’t too hard to find, though spread out
  • Breeding: Mystic Fragments, though there are three options but aren’t necessarily obvious
  • Dragons: fragments for the old divines, evolution stones for the new ones (show each evolution stone but with the dragon’s name instead of quantity)
  • Events: as shown and include siege weapons and barricades
  • Speedups (not shown): can be seen in the forge (uncheck everything but special to make it easier), though I guess that might not be obvious

Excuse to mockup :tada:


Why aren’t we financing this?


Looks great @forScience

Great mockup! Really hope they implement something like this.

Also I’d really like a count of elemental embers, fire shards, ice shards, and black pearls.


@forScience, this is a GREAT idea! I personally would love to see something like this implemented in the game. :slight_smile: I don’t know if this has been discussed internally or not yet, but I’ll definitely bring it up with the team!


This had been brought up many times before but apparently not on PG roadmap

It’s definitely on the team’s radar now. :slight_smile:


As a brand-new player this is definitely something I missed. For example I got one of my very first gold chests, and got 225 black pearls out of it, which promptly disappeared with no way to see I even had them, let alone find out what they do. Only after I demisted my third island and found the perch there did I see them again.

So for new players, it would be very useful to have this, especially if you can click each thing for a small bubble that tells you what it’s for. Like “use these to update your dragon perches” or “gain extra points during siege events”.

For the same reason I’d encourage adding things like special building materials and timers to the screen too. Even if you can see them in some other way, it’s not always so obvious for beginners to find out how.


Excellent point! Especially for beginner players, an inventory system would be a huge help not only to understand -what- they have, but -why-.


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