Invert buttons for left handed use


I’m left handed. Been playing for the last year and all that time was struggling with the way I’m holding my device and hitting buttons and attacking and everything!
All that time I took it as “it is what it is” kind of thing… but lately I came across a few fellow lefties and they described the exact same struggle and frustration.
That is why I opened a ticket with support, asking to add the option to go to game settings and move the spells buttons along with the rage bar to the right side of the screen. In that ticket I also reminded them that this option basically exist already… if you go to settings and change the game language to Arabic everything is inverted… with the downside being- everything is in Arabic.

The replay I got was the regular generic “sorry you feel that way” with a “we heard it before” and a “we might work on it… someday… maybe” and to finish it all up they ended it with a “go bring it up on forums and see what other people think” … so that’s what I’m doing…

What do you think guys? Is it worth incorporating an already existing feature into the general game? For all the lefties out ther…?


Nothing content worthy to add here. If you don’t mind reading arabic i think the controls are reversed for that language option.


But I cant read Arabic… and it’s changing everything… even numbers on timers and system mail you receive are all in Arabic… it’s really not a valid option.


Not trying to be ignorant, but is it really so hard to just control the dragon with your nondominant hand and do spells with your left? It doesn’t seem like there’d be a difference; I know I’d manage if the buttons were swapped for a lefty.


Don’t we all use at least our two thumbs to play? :thinking:

Suggestion: Right side for Leftys

Try flying a hunter with your left hand and let me know how it went :slight_smile:


That is my point exactly! As a right handed player you can control the dragon with your right and activate spells with your left thumb… I’m doing everything with my left hand…
might not sound as a big deal but it slows me down… :-/


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