Invigorate main game with season long events

Invigorate the main game.

Outside of Fortification and quests there is little reason for playing the main game, particularly for end game players.

Introduce season long raiding events

1 - Raid Lumber
2 - Raid Food


20,000 sigils per line, 3 keys and 1 accession token.
Prizeline: 100 prizes, all nodes with building materials to be choices.

A different target for the amount of lumber/food based on starting level of the player - eg 5m for new player, 250m for monarch level.

Basic Rules
Opponents base must be higher or no more than 50 levels lower than attacker
Prizes can be collected daily and will be delivered within an hour of being collected (so it is a background task on servers so wont impact performance).
Can earn all the time but can only collect during events (similar functionality to chests)

Use timber to heat perched dragons to increase power. (Effectively adapting the same functionality used in feed perch dragon)

Remove collect lumber / food from egg missions or quests (to avoid any complexity to run multiple
Add “burn” feature.

Quests and Egg missions both show there is the functionality to monitor collecting the resources.

Based on stable game play in the main game - no risk. With the exception of the “Burn” features all functions already exist.
Keeps existing season structure - but gives players more opportunities to earn prizes and sigils
Flexibility when to attack/collect.
Scalability so rewards are based on the same proportional amount of effort regardless of players level, but relative value of prizes are higher for lower levels.
Future Proofing - add higher targets with each new layer.
Removes some focus from Atlas - diverting some game back into the main game.
Shakes up the fortification event as there will be less stored lumber to raid.

Potentially to change, if other functions can also be isolated in the main game, because quests/missions shows the core functionality is there.
Buildings destroyed
XP collected
Flames collected.


I can’t believe I’m saying this but I would enjoy this.

Many players complain they can’t fly some dragons. If you’re forced to be flying around that will increase practice.

I’m a bit unclear on the “Burn” feature. Are you saying perches would be fed wood instead of food? (That would be my only concern-- how do we continue raiding if our storage huts were full. Would that turn team chat into a transfer log?)

The basic rules I’d like to see changed to only bases higher than you. Or, something to encourage hitting up instead of people hitting down on smaller people.

I’d like to see the prize structure for collecting base items modeled like the dungeons prizes where we’d have more choice. Or, in the very least selectable nodes like in some seasonal branches so that people can claim what they actually need. #NoMoreGDPearls

It would also give a purpose during “treasure hunt.” Being that currently there is no real objective to fly beyond attempting to earn chests (I’m sorry that’s just not a motivator for me).

I think some details would need to be ironed out. I’d prefer to see this how atlas leaderboard structure is-- so an event literally 24/7. With all of the chores in this game, sometimes I’m so unmotivated because I’m exhausted from an atlas or PvP week, it would be nice to participate whenever the motivation hits.


The burn feature I envisaged Basically would work in the same way as feeding the dragons on perches, except using wood. And act as a way to get rid of excess wood.

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For those of us that don’t touch our perch, i.e. keep them at level 31, that wouldn’t be a good way of getting rid of wood, just as we can’t use the perches to get rid of much food at all.

Instead, a discard button somewhere that can get rid of food and wood for no benefit would be great.


I am against anything that will allow resource shortage like how fortifications were back in the days.

It’s the same effect as the common practice of overflowing much of the bank on one player, just a little easier.

But OK, an alternative would be for when the game says to loot X wood or food from your enemies, for it to count the loot that you would’ve got if your storage was empty. It would avoid having to send resources to someone who doesn’t want them, every time before you do an egg mission or quest.

Much better. :+1:t2:

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I have no idea what you’re on about. Atlas is already a full time job. There’s enough grinding in this game as it is. People are quitting in droves because this game already demands too much time.