Invincible dragon

no damage whatsoever No hack there

Is the person attacking a much lower level? Then it can look like the dragon is taking no damage.

Make a ticket. Best way of getting them taken care of.

:rofl: if you call level 370 low sure but the levels 60 towers I find it hard to believe

It’s also likely that Apophet used Nocturnal Fissure during the gap between these two screenshots.
“Opens a vortex for 4 seconds which destroys projectiles. If empowered by Nightfall, channels a portion of that damage into health”.
I’m not seeing any blue health (recovered health) but it would explain why no damage was taken.

Just report him ingame

You can clearly see the beam towers (ice etc) on the middle long. They should have shredded Apo.

My Apophet is level 1. I’m not too experienced with him yet :slight_smile:

Yeah no, much as I love my apophet just no way…or I need major flying lessons from him :roll_eyes:

Lately I’ve seen some invincible Apophet…

Please submit an In Game ticket

Them cheats are back…

Actually he has two versions of that attack one he takes no damage the other he takes damage The one in the pictures he takes damage

This is ridiculous. Multiple teams have sent in video proof. And no it’s not a spell or optical illusion its flat out cheating with irrefutable proof provided. Why in the world wouldn’t this take so long to adress? @PGJared

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Because it’s not affecting their cash flow

Because a video or an image isn’t irrefutable proof. We have to pull their attack logs and see exactly what happened. This is why we ask people to submit a ticket instead of posting a thread on the forum. We also have a backlog of reported cheaters and a limited amount of staff that can go through these reports.

Submit a ticket with the name of the suspected cheater, when the attack happened, and any evidence you have. Our team will investigate.

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