Invincible towers

I noticed for quite a while now I have seen shield(s) on random towers, when attacking players’ bases that have no defenders. The towers are impossible to kill without deathgaze… ruins tons of runs, but even worse during pvp events because it keeps you from 5 flaming bases. It’s usually just one tower and it isn’t every run, it’s once in a while, but has been going on for at least a month. Wondering if any one else has seen these shielded towers, or if pg was aware of an issue.

Does it look like this?

That is the mythic warrior’s specialty: 25% hp shield on one random tower. Once it’s destroyed, it reappears after a few seconds.

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This is almost certainly another thread on the mythic warrior perch bug.

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To be honest I have 3 perches all with legendary warriors… one with a mythic warrior. I’ll admit during attacks I have not taken notice to if the towers shield that I mentioned are protected by a perch or not, will take this into consideration and look harder for it.

For towers covered by the mythic perch dragons coverage, one tower will have a random single tower shield every 4 seconds.

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