Invisible Rider

Just wondering if the second rider that we were told is coming this season is an invisible rider. Haven’t seen it yet and there are only 31 days left in the season.

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The new rider is coming really soon. Keep an eye on our social channels for some more information.

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With it being so late in the season is there going to be a discount on it? (He asked knowing the answer would be aloof and dodgy) :innocent:


I asked for this before, but saw no response… is there any way we could have a few choices for elemental armor type? For those of us not in atlas it would really help.

Another last 2 weeks kind of trying to maximise profit and giving no time for people to test out the rider. Seriously you can rebalance the game with good rider on dragon to counter the strong flaks. Just don’t give another that is like Kayla that is meant to reduce cost of training and gaining xp. Not that bad but at least tell the players clearly so they can choose wisely or is it intended for players to mess up and buy more rubies to get the correct rider? The moment they are messed up, satisfaction will go down. LOL, it seems like profiting at the expense of customer statisfaction?

I’m hoping for a defensive rider myself.

God please no.

Atlas you get one, and if you are below level 200 whats the point of another defensive rider.

If they do this will officially be the most boring season ever for me in terms of content. Barely keeping interest in the events this season as is with the offerings and lack of rune dust.

Although, i guess i can get avix and just take the rest of the season of.

But think about the countless players that do not have atlas.

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