INVISIBLE War Attack Strategy

Is that possible 11 attacks with only one or two defend invitation ?
could anyone share ?
just like sanding 3 towers at once :wink:

Sanding 3 at once is possible. 11 attacks with no banners is not :eyes: somehow missed them? Or you’re on an episode of Mindfreak.

Banners sometimes visually disappear and require a restart for them to appear again, unless no one on your team saw banners either. The best way to tell is to have it set to vibrate, so that you know if it’s the visual glitch or not.

We have 8 players online and none of us saw more than one banner ?
That’s weird don you think so…
But I appreciate the idea from Science ty

We had this problem a few weeks ago I got no real answers but it eventually did fix itself

Izzit server problem ?

Were all the missed attacks solo runs?

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