Invite Button Disappears

So ever since Atlas rolled out to our league this Saturday, a few of my teammates no longer can invite us in their attacks. They can join us but they can not invite…being the invite button is gone. They all sent a ticket in through in game help, but all they keep telling them is to uninstall and reinstall, which were already done many times. @PGJared @pgCampusLifer @PGEggToken

Never seen that before

Which types of attacks does this apply to? e.g. attack on primarchs, regular attacks initiated in Atlas (core base, not Atlas-style), or poachers/mines

if you have nothing to lose, you can leave the team and then rejoin back in. contact support if you are not sure.

Yeah. We have a member of our team with the same issue. During wars we have to make sure we leave a level they can take when they come to do their attack. They can’t get xp backing or anything.

no war back, no regular back, did not check atlas, but we aren’t paying too much attention to that for the moment. War attack way more important


Has anyone tried to tap the area that the button would be in? It’d be nice if it’s just visual, but I’m doubting that. :see_no_evil: And both iOS and Android?

nope, not just visual, in both cases they touched every spot on the screen and it’s negative. Both on IOS…with the latest update.

Same issue here. Tested on different devices on and off mobile networks, and it applies to all attacks. Ticket number is #453707

To be clear, its happening on all attacks, even ones outside of atlas?

Yes, attacks outside of Atlas including war. Which is a problem lol

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it seems that the issue is with Atlas Tutorial. Both my teammates were stuck in tutorial and can not go anywhere, error message “Follow Instruction” pops up on everything they click, and there were no instructions. They emailed support and have them taken out of tutorial phrase, all is working now. Invite button is back.

contact support if you haven’t they can help you skip that. let your team know to contact support too if they also experience it.

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