Invite option in attack

I dont see any invite option in my attack to invite to join my team mates.
Anyone can tell me the solu tion for this problem…? Thank u

Don’t know why it’s glitching like this. First suggestion is to force quit the game and restart. If that doesn’t cause the invite button to show up, next step would be to make sure you have a pocket ID before deleting the game and reinstalling it. If that doesn’t fix it, put in a ticket with support.

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Thank u…
But i restarted the game and reinstalling of game also done
And still invite button not showing

Whan i can do…?

I would submit a ticket with support, either in game or at

Reboot your device smart tech gets dumb some timrs

Did you start the Atlas tutorial and not finish it for some reason? If so, the button will return once you complete it.

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