Invoker: Best rider? Invoker rider coming?

I like my new invoker. Will see how he levels in the future.
Question.: I can not find a suitable rider. Which is the best available? I have enough blue chards to get an Atlas rider.
Is there a plan to release a rider with invoker relevant abilities? The regular winter season riders coming up seem to be not helpful. Maybe the Atlas rider coming up?
Thanks for help and advice :kissing_heart:

Reginald is a good rider for Invoker


I would say reggie

Just make sure you get Reggie on attack plus rage

Attack or HP

Regenald, Kazane without a class skill, Saito, Ano, Rocket-powered Justin Bieber. Really anything other than red and blue shard atlas riders

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And thats just wrong advice :man_shrugging: With the limit in Runes/Glyphs working with Invokers, u can fill those with rage ones. And skill rider to full HP and AP. And when you look into Namaka spells you want HP before AP.

My bad :hugs:
Yeah, I just realised all Namaka skills mostly based on HP.
I had Ano on her before with all HP then I switched to Reginald full attack thinking her attacks would deliver more punching power
Oh well obviously I was wrong

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I did same :nerd_face: more dps but Gale crazy weak, so back to Ano. Dont know the legendary, but for Namaka actual there is only 1 rider in game.

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Cool reference

This is debatable. While gale and freeze are hp based, freeze has an attack component as it does one normal invoker attack of damage too. And you’re often living or dying by whether you can kill a red mage or a storm. The attack-based normal invoker shots determine that. Sounds like you’ve tried it a couple of ways, but I’m surprised you’re deciding based on gale damage.


Im all HP with the 2 AP invoker glyphs, and his red spell one shot 92s defended.

No. Just…no. Not ever, ever, ever

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But I was like BayBEH bay BeH bAyBeH oooooo like bAyBeh BaYbEhBayBEH OOOOOO like BaYbEhBaYbEhBaYbEhOoOoOOOOooOO I thought you’d always be mine…


Don’t know your state in the game but if you are end game dragons with comparable gear, the same would happen with an attack focus.

Mine is attack based and I only have maxed elite gear, and when attacking bases with mythic gear the red spell has never been the problem. In fact I’ve taken down bases some say can’t be taken by Namaka.


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