Invoker Class Q&A with Dragons Developers - Ask Us Anything!

Will invokes has the hunter multitap ability

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Another good question some ppl been “saying”

Will “we”(as the player) be able to breed Invoker lineage tier dragons with egg tokens and mythic Fragments?( I’m pretty Confidents that “we” will, just needed to clear this question out of the sky)

We haven’t yet decided how the new class will impact our Lineage tiers.

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Will the class in general be locked in at 3 shots (+1 for spell) or will that vary based on dragon? (to maybe 1 + spell or 2 + spell)

What kind of runes and supporting mechanical perks can we expect to be presented?
Like +1 ammo for hunters
Rage for sorcs
Hp for warriors

Additions to the Research Hall is something we’d like to add, but is not necessarily related to the Invoker. With so few in the game (if we release one each season and a couple each lineage tier, that only adds 8 to the game over a year as opposed to however many of the other classes), it doesn’t make much sense to add invoker-specific modifiers. We were aware of this when deciding how powerful the invoker class should be, and we balanced the class around the expectation that they wouldn’t have many class-specific modifiers available.

Any invoker-specific modifiers added to rider skills would push those riders into very niche-territory. We’re looking to release a number of riders that don’t boost class-specific attributes (sorcerer HP, for example) so those riders will fit well with invokers. As mentioned above: “We were aware of this when deciding how powerful the invoker class should be, and we balanced the class around the expectation that they wouldn’t have many class-specific modifiers available.”

Yes, a really powerful strategy for Namaka is to triple tap the screen to fire the three normal shots, then quickly follow up with the Empowered shot.


Not the regular IF Attack, the actual IF Ss that “Disables” the current dragon spells from being used for a few Seconds.

Like I said I just needed clarification “if” it was able to dodge the IF Ss that’s it :innocent:

Now I know it doesn’t.

If Invokers are added to future lineage tiers, they would likely be acquired the same way as players acquire the existing classes through Lineage (breeding tokens + mystic fragments).

Covered this above. We’re looking into having different invokers with different “ammo capacities.”


Hi! I keep reading “if” these drags are added to lineage. Are there thoughts of them not being added into the regular breeding?

How does the damage of the fireballs compare?
If a tower takes 3 fireballs from my best hunter to destroy, would a comparable Invoker (buffed, levelled, ridergeared) also require 3 fireballs to kill the same tower?


Will there only be one invoker in the summer season coming up

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How does the ammo recharge compare to the sorcerer swipe delay

What kind of effects are being considered for the fourth shot? I’ve heard of freeze and disabling.

What other fancy things are on the cards? Perhaps a fourth shot that regens rage? A version that functions like steal essence on fourth shot? Reduced damage and health ala crumble to dust? I would love to see some weird and wonderful twists to this.

This was included in the blog post:


Yes, Namaka will be the only Invoker for this summer season.


When you said 2 tower for the freeze spell, did you guys program a random applied debuff to 2 towers, or were you meaning that on average the aoe would affect 2 towers?

General Invoker

  1. How strong invoker’s fireball compared to Hunter or Sorcerer? I mean per fireball.
  2. Is it possible for 2 different invoker to have different ammo regen? And rage regen? (prior to skill)

Specific Namaka

  1. Arelyna mentioned that “Shrine” Namaka is scaled by level. How is this scaling? (earliest Den requirement?) Will it bypass breeding requirement?
  2. Among the dragons, Ryuu is the only one gifted with 50% rage regen boost without any skill involved. Will Namaka get the same rage boost?

The fourth shot in the animation has a red circle effect as red spells such as freeze and others. Will mage towers effect this dragons regular amo shots¿

It terms of seconds, I’m asking because it’ll give context and understanding to people.

Can the 4th shot be primed before arriving at an island like wotb?