Invoker consumable spell glitch

This doesn’t seem like a big issue as I’d rather know if I brought an IF or not vs. knowing there’s a passive spell

The first is a feature, but the second (the equipped spell changing) does seem like a bug. Not one that really hinders play fortunately, but still not as intended.


It does hinder play though because it makes the consumable spell unusable. It only changes after using one of the default spells and then I can’t later use the consumable spell when I need to.

Maybe related but when using J’elithos the Refreeze spell greys out when using Conjure Frost before (and starts looking like the Conjure Frost spell)


no its usable. its just icon that is hidden. u cant press the passive spell unless its stealing spell and spell has only 5 slot displayable maybe. thats why there always 5 spell even if u equipped all the spells is slots . sometimes inner fire/xp boost gets hidden too but is completely usable or effects are applied after the attack .although I agree with u in some part

Usually it’s just the IF that’s hidden. But when there’s two identical spell icons I can’t use the consumable spell. It’s literally as if there’s two buttons to control one spell (ie if one icon is on cooldown the other one appears on cooldown too).


Most likely this is related to

It doesnt show the Inner icon but its working fine.

To me it doesn’t matter if it’s hindering or not any bug needs to be squashed. Saying it’s not an issue is like saying you’d rather ignore a problem and let it get worse overtime. I haven’t seen this happening but maybe it’s happening to more than certain Invokers.


Okay it is a problem for all Invokers……

Which PG member should we @?

There’s another thread about jelithos too with it’s spells messed up in a similar manner

I have a similar problem with ikaros’ spells

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All invokers are affected by this. It has something to do with add on spells, without they work fine, i think.


For people saying its not an issue we lose a spell completely


Did you mean to post a different video? You never used it or lost it in that one

Skip to 1 :20 after i use the blue cloak the white spell is replaced by it… on the next island its the blue cloak when i press that spell slot also

Oh sorry, I was just watching the consumable.

As long as you have only inner fire or extra spell (not both) equipped, the invoker works normally. You just have to choose which one is more important for your run until PG fixes this (probably not gonna happen on a Sunday).

that shit is funny and sad lol

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