Invoker: Full price 2nd class dragon: No Perch! No Mythic Runes and No Auto-pilot 🤔

For Goodness sake! PG has had plenty of time since the original invoker came to be “Namaka”
I believe 14 of them so far!
Yet this bird still is left behind!
AND NO MYTHIC RUNES :man_shrugging:t2:
Yet is a full price dragon!

PG! Either you disband the invoker for good, or for goodness sake, make them equal!




There are runes now, but I agree that they should be able to be perched, just for the aesthetics.

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PG designed the invoker (as well as the new towers Howi, Pylon and orrery) to not need mythic runes (yes some of these are still bad but PG is just trialing different styles to see what works and what doesn’t). Take Morak or Naja, these dragons don’t need mythic runes to be great. Also, there are mythic invoker runes in silver chests as for some weeks now. Auto-pilot, who even uses that for anything but a sorcerer? the reason why it is not for the invokers is because they each have a unique play style built around their invoke shot and one game formula for all invokers would not be possible. As for perch, you are using perches wrong if you put anything but a warrior on a perch, let alone an invoker.

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You guys don’t use them for decorative purposes?

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What is this one?
Also the auto battle on invoker isn’t a good idea that can execute as the invoker shot is technically a spell so it will not being able to get auto battle for it
Pg probably still brainstorming whatever the boost for invoker on perch


True, no perch

You realize 90% of a invokers attack is a spell so it would serve no benefit

That’s just dumb lol


No invoker is exactly alike, so maybe PG is making a separate effect for each of them

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Morak, Naja, Ikaros are all really strong Invokers. Most of the other legendary invokers are solid dragons. Perhaps PG missed the mark on Balor and this new mythic invoker (I haven’t flown either so I won’t give my opinion), but I’d hardly say they should be disbanded.


That would mean a seperate auto battle for every single invoker which is way too difficult to do considering they make 6 - 9 invokers in a year.

Meh, warriors are what you should be putting on it anyway. HP is the most important stat for a base

This wouldnt exactly work given how Invoker ammo functions with the recharge. It’s fine for hunters because they constantly recharge ammo when not firing but invokers only get 4 shots at a time.
Also why would you even want auto-battle for an invoker? Auto-battle is for pve-bases, invader bases and sorcerers

Umm, you didnt think about this one, did you? They added mythic and legendary invoker runes into the silver chests during Crystal Caves

The problem with invokers is that it seems like they’ve already run out of ideas for them. We keep getting the same spells and invoker shots


Well we have invoke shots based off of: umbral spike, freeze, fireball, sand, chain lightning, and Balors (don’t know what spell that could be). I would like to see an invoke shot that marks towers, giving rage and health when destroyed. But there aren’t very many other spells you could base an invoke shot off of, maybe: crumble to dust, healing mark, northern/southern lights but what else?

As for spells, the dodge with ammo reload is just staple because it works so well, like hunters with cloak type spells. Some invokers have shields, others have cloak, some that you can shoot through, speaking of which if an invoker could shoot through a cloak but not use spells, could it use its invoke shot?

What does Balor do again?

It’s war cry/battle screech from Cav and Noctarn

You could generate a shield or reduce damage taken for a short time, you could have it debuff towers, it could heal, it could make the dragon temporarily invincible, it could function like hunter’s mark where if it destroys a tower it restores rage and hp, you could give it something like adjacent towers get hit by a version of seeker shots or thunderstorm. There’s many options out there they could do, they just keep reusing the same few styles over and over

Stacked an 11% attack boost with every cast


I strongly suspect they tried doing an auto pilot and that it turned out to be difficult.

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No? Just no? While I’m fine for all this stuff to happen absolutely. But disbanding them for good when they have had some of the most viable dragons? Absolutely not.


Why does it have to be 11
They could’ve rounded it down to 10, but nooo, they have to use a prime number that is not 2

I reckon invokers are getting weaker each season. Their shots just don’t do enough damage on these bigger towers.

Its almost like they need 1-2 more ammo.

Honestly everything is getting weaker. You look at this season, never have we had dragons with such crazy high breath boosts. 400% seems crazy but it isnt, it’s needed because without it the normal breath attacks do nothing on a warrior. Even undefended, a warrior cant kill towers with its normal breath attack, it’s just way too weak. Look at the new hunter, that’s a pretty high boost for a hunter, much less a permanent one.
Invokers were advertised to have stronger ammo than a hunter but their ammo doesnt work like a hunte. You cant spam their ammo and those first 3 shots usually arent enough to kill a tower and often those 3 are thrown away to have the invoke ready to use.


One of the reasons why some dragons in seasons are not viable is because pg has to balance them for both lower leveled players and higher leveled players, but this is extremely hard to do. I guess they could increase the percentages in the spells when a dragon evolves, like when it increases max HP and damage but idk.