Invoker Rider, Runes and Glyphs

Dear PG,

Can I please have an invoker rider for Christmas?


Merry Christmas!


We need one. We don’t have many invokers, but it does put them at a quite the disadvantage.

Keep pressing, maybe you’ll get one for your birthday.

On the contrary the devs actually took into account that Invokers would not have research, rider or many runes available for their relatively new and rare class so they boosted Invokers in consequence. You could consider that your Invoker is already boosted with a rider by default. On top of that you can bond them with another “pure stats” riders (without class bonuses like Ano), gear and the few runes you get within a branch.

With decent gear you will soon forget about the “lack” of a specialised rider. Invokers are already powerful, they don’t need dedicated riders.


:thinking: Doesn’t generic rider work well with Invoker?
Ano? Reginald?
For Invoker specific rider, there are only 2 invokers exists atm.
A specific rider which can only be useful for 2 or 3 dragons is kinda…


Didn’t know that. Out of curiosity, do you have a source?

Not being skeptical, I just like to look into things myself.

Placeholder. Give me a few minutes to dig it out…


Well looks like Cheeky was much faster than me to find it :blush: Thanks!

As for riders that work with Invokers, check this list:

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That doesnt really matter since it wouldnt only have invoker skills unless we’re talking about another red shard Ash rider. We already have several with hunter, sorcerer and warrior skills so no reason it cant have invoker as well

We dont need one. Ano/Reginald are doing great cause they have common HP/Ap stats.

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Thanks everyone, never caught that.

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