Invoker Rider, when it will be?

Well, most of us already have at least one invoker dragon.
As I see there are not any rider to improve invokers yet. And won’t be next atlas season or this season in normal game!!! When we will get rider for new tier dragon?

Personally I wouldn’t expect to see one until Namaka has become irrelevant for N and N-1 players. It wasn’t designed with a rider buff in mind and until the game is in a position where adding a rider to Namaka won’t cause issues at the top I wouldn’t expect to see one.

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There’s no reason to make a rider that has buffs specifically for invokers since we only have 2 at the moment, but there are riders with general dragon Atk/Hp buffs those can go on an invoker.

We built those general dragon buff rider skills for this very reason! Creating a rider that only buffs invokers would be quite niche, as only 2 dragons could ever use that rider. We could build class-specific rider buffs and have a rider that can buff all 4 classes, but that skill tree would be quite cumbersome.

When is the next general rider coming out? Since I think I missed out on them. 🤦 Poor namaka currently has Sophia on her.

No invoker specific ones, but there are quite a few invoker-suitable ones. Specifically: Ano, Reginald, Saito, Astrid, Terris, Portia, Oksana, Grogg and Tor.

:astonished: That’s a criminal waste of the strongest hunter rider in the game. She’s almost completely useless on an invoker.


Sophia + namaka is like peanut butter and ham. They’re both good, but not together!!!


I know I know… :persevere: But I’m a poor hunter flier currently (working on it). And I use Namaka most for glory hunting, so decided to put Sophia there while leveling her.

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I’m using her on hyaku :grimacing: Is that a waste too ?

Unbond ASAP :scream::scream::scream:


Yes… Because Hyaku is useless :joy: it’s a shame to waste such a pretty dragon :disappointed_relieved:


If you enjoy flying warriors and you specked Sophia out with a Warrior/Sorcerer build, then it’s not a waste to stick her on a warrior type :upside_down_face:

Though there might be a better warrior you could use her on :sweat_smile::rofl:


@PGLawson I understand the logic and arguement of not having a rider specific to an invoker only bit why not add a branch to the newer riders that would boost invoker stats? Additionally, why aren’t we getting any invoker runes added to the mix?

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Any rider with “dragon” rather than specific type. There are your invoke riders.

Not solved!
This is a community request. You gave an answer which doesn’t make sense.
Why is a 4 branch rider more cumbersome?
Or a rider could focus strengthening 2 or 3 branches, especially the ones which need support, like sorcerers and invoker’s.
Alternatively invoker runes.
So many possibilities. None considered.
Please don’t mark it solved!