Invoker runes in chests?

Are there invoker runes in chests? I haven’t received any.

The only rune in chest that affected invoker currently are all rage runes
Edit: and wisdom rune, forgot about them


Thanks for confirming that :grin:

:roll_eyes: Add Wisdom to your list…


Sadly i have no invoker (Except Morak but inactive). But i can exactly say it Namaka owners are need Invoker riders / runes . PG act like invokers are refugee .

We said it like a billion times before but there’s only 4 invokers in the game for the being. What’s the point of introducing runes specifically for 4 dragons ?

And that’s not true :roll_eyes:


Its my opinion sir :heart:

The fact there are only 4 is irrelevant. It’s a new class. If there was never going to be another Invoker dragon released, I’d agree. But the invoker class appears to be here to stay. If that’s true, it needs the same level of support as the other classes. Otherwise it’s not a legitimate class and people will remain frustrated.

One possible solution would be to make all dragon hp and atp runes generic and not class specific. That would help a lot.

Just my 2c

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indeed . chest are need mytic ammo as well. new players never gona win old runes… its not fair to me


I want runes for invokers too buddy you’re not alone.
But think on a larger frame of time … people will get more invoker runes than they need and at some point it’s gonna end up being like the runes dust or black pearl problems.

Ammo runes are in silver chests during Kingdom Wars. Also there are plenty of veteran players that have never gotten any of those runes so it’s not unfair for newer players.

Oh really ? never saw their names in to list ?. My bad then :pray:

I don’t feel like searching but there is an official post about Invoker runes. It’s in one of the numerous threads asking about runes for Invokers. (Seriously, search function is your friend before making a new thread :slightly_smiling_face:)

The class was made with Invoker specific runes and riders built into the bloody dragons.

Adding runes and riders would tip the scales in their favour. Hard. So unless y’all want weak Invokers…?

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My invoker, with the same level, gear, and runes has almost half the attack power of my other dragons. The invoker class, to my observation, has an advantage in utilities not power.

Except you can add runes and a rider so… are they saying invokers were designed to have double runes and riders then?

the solution is just don’t get invokers

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