Invoker Runes (Unsure what runes work)

So I was curious what runes aid Invokers? Im not seeing any special invoker runes. Im guessing they werent created yet? and none of the the other types work? (Example Warrior specific)

Only rage runes and runes from seasonal invoker lines so far.


Dragon attack rune what that says dragon hp exactly what that say will work or any rune that says invoker will help

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Yup what they said.

They have snuck in more than a few runes that otherwise would have been junk to most with a dragon attack or dragon hp on them as a secondary.

Most legendary seasonal invokers come with runes and glyphs that’s are invoker specific.

There are a few rare dragons that were dragon attack and dragon hp (rather than class specific) from the past. Namely leos and neptus.

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Thanks to all of you :slight_smile: