iOS 11.2.1 update bug

iOS 11.2.1 update broke the app in my ipad mini 2, and it is causing me a lot of stress.
This happened on Jan 1, 2018 - bad way to start the year.
Updated the OS to prepare for the fortification event, but now i can’t play.

Did the following already:

  1. reset network configuration.
  2. uninstall app, reinstall app.
  3. reboot tab.
  4. contact tech (no reply until now)

ign: Striker75
level: 120

Please, please, help!


Did you already conntact support? Posting to the forums probably won’t get your issue resolved more quickly.

what device are you using? If it’s iPhone 6 series, then it’s highly possible that it’s the device.

They released something where they slow down old phones due to battery issue (replacing the battery should return its performance like it’s brand new)

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“contact tech” - yes. i already contacted support.

posted here to know whether some of you have the same issue, and what you are doing to solve the issue.

am using ipad mini 2.
iOS 11 slowed it down already, with occasional bugs.
but iOS 11.2.1 destroyed most of the 3rd party apps - esp., the games.

yes. it is solved now.

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