iOS 14.2 Freezing Issue

Hi all,

There’s currently an issue with the game freezing if you are playing it on iOS 14.2. The team is currently looking into this, but in the meantime, we recommend that you do not update to iOS 14.2 until this issue is fixed.

We’ll provide updates in this thread as they come along. Sorry for the trouble, folks! We appreciate your patience.


11/5/20 6:55pm - Brief update: Our team has been able to repro the issue and identified the cause of it. The team will resume figuring out why this is happening and the scope of what a fix might look like tomorrow.

At this time, we still recommend holding off on installing 14.2.


11/6/20 5:00pm - The team just deployed a fix for this. Please full-close and restart the game, and please PM me if the issue persists.