iOS / Android Cross Platform


I only recently became aware of the ability to finally move accounts across platforms which I want to hand out a BIG THANK YOU!

I read some posts but need to just verify the following:

I have my main on Android and my alt on IOS. Will there be any issue at all if I simply log out of my alt on iOS and log in with my main’s Pocket ID? Later when I want to be on my alt, just log back in with that Pocket ID?

I have been carrying two phones for almost s year now so I could get in war attacks. I just want to make sure this will not damage my main account before I try it.

Please reply if you are doing this today and it works. Occasionally, I want to have both accounts open at the same rime but having my main on iOS is something I have wanted for almost a year now.


Many have said that using the same device for two different accounts can cause “bleed” over between the two accounts.

Maybe search that.

Not sure if PG has to become involved to transfer between OS or if you simply log in. I defer to those that have done it.

so long as you dont switch between device too often (should be only once or least one per month) there shouldn’t be any issue.

However, if your egg mission bonus went missing after switching OS, remove and reinstall first before contacting support.

You can simply log in and log out. But doing this multiple times does come with its own set of risk with data corruption.

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Thanks and we can close this topic out now. I simply logged out of the accounts and deleted and reinstalled as new and then logged back in. I did not want to take any chances of corruption and will not swap out accounts until I know it is approved. No problems at all after logging in to each account and loving being on iOS. I am using two different Apple devices. Again, thanks PG!

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