iOS -> Android : What happens when you try?

So I know that in general converting an account from iOS to Android or vice versa is, well if it not quite impossible then pretty damn near impossible.

But what happens when you actually try to just log in on the opposite platform?

My situation is that my iPad i use for my alt is broke. My main is on my android phone. We happen to have 4 wars today. The obvious solution is to have one of my team mates log into my alt and do the runs for me, but since account sharing is now banned (even on a one time temporary basis, as I understand it) we are looking for an alternative.

If I were to log into my iOS alt account from my Android main phone, what exactly would happen? Would I just get an error message and not even be able to get in? Or would I be able to get in but experience issues?

Since this is temporary for one day only it doesnt have to work very well. Graphics can be messed up. Not worried about saving progress in the game properly. Really all that has to work is to get into the war menu and get my runs started. Can swap immediately if the graphics are messed up.

Will that work or will something block my path? My real fear is that it will FUBAR my account by corrupting something so that it no longer works on either device.

Anyone have first hand knowledge?

Use the search button. People have reported this being successful.

I’ve done it with my alt to test it when the iOS to android (and vice versa) came out last year (yes, like 5 months ago or so) and it worked with no issues. Just made sure i logged out and deleted app before attempting log in on my other device.

That being said, i wouldn’t try it on my main, i’m too concerned with breaking stuff. My alt i have zero problem with it, it’s only level 54 so :man_shrugging:


Thanks guys. You’ve given me the courage to try it. Like you say, less worried about the level 48 alt.

I will post a follow up with the outcome.


Transferring your game between iOS and Android and vice versa should work without any problems. In the case that your attempt does cause issues our support will be more than glad to help you revert back to a state before your transfer occurred.


Dooooooo it mech, dooooooo it

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I will if someone will buy me a shiny new iPad


That’s new!

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2 things happen, you learn android has a ton more glitches… and then you get mad


He’ll also get that pointless android exclusive dragon that’s in what? Purple tier? :laughing:

You don’t hate on dioskuri ok :eyes:

Well, I never got him (I’ve only played on iOS) and I’m in garnet tier… so he’s pretty pointless for where I’m at in the game lol.

Still :sob: I have harbingers lol, and I never flew him… but it’s still a thing

I was successful. No issues whatsoever signing into iOS account on Android phone. And my iPad is fixed now, so its all good. Thanks everyone!

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