iOS connection issues

Anyone else having an issue with IOS to where the game Terence stuck on the traveling screen while attacking, defending or joining. It’s also taking me 15-20 minutes to load the help screen to submit/reply to support.
Device is a new iPhone XS Max, current updates, etc. None of this wasn’t an issue until last game update.


No issues here, iphone 7 with updated software

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IPhone 6s with lates update It freezes sometimes after i hit join button on defence bannerand i have to reload the game fully.

lmao ‘freezes and/or crashes occasionally’ y’all try playing on an Android for a day :joy:


Have you tried reinstalling? Sometimes the residual data from the previous update makes glitches. It’s probably worth a try.

I’ve tried that a few times and only made the issue worse.

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Yep, often I can’t join runs with team mates or they can’t join me but I restart like 5 times and it works, or some runs I can join and the next I can’t, it’s very temperamental (abit like me😂)

The lag is ridiculous banners don’t show up half the time or only flash … and this all started 2 pg updates ago… I’ve been thru all the rigmarole pg puts you thru., it’s not me it’s you

Apple is have issues :scream_cat::scream_cat: How much do you want to bet this gets fixed before ANY of the Android problems?

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I play my spare account on Android no crazy issues

this new update has been giving my android phone small issues whereas before they didn’t show up

I’m on Samsung 8+. It was fine (few crashing and invisibles invite) so I decided to uninstall and reinstall. After that its laggy and makes me dizzy while attacking and have to assume I killed the tower cause can’t see due to lag :fearful:

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