iPad event page not working

Event page not working in iPad, dont know if I am the only one.

My iPad is slow, still trying to load Event page too.

What generation iPad do you have? And how much space is left? (I feel like I’m quoting support :sweat_smile:) they’ve told me before that you need ~4GB of storage free to have the game run at peek performance for your device. I’m not sure how accurate that is, but worth a shot to see if it helps.

My iPad hasn’t had issues with the event screen.

Wardragons version 5.11 will prevent me from logging in, so an automated mail to me read. Since I need a more recent Operating System which is incompatible with my ipad2 device.

holy sh1t… you still have the old ipad 2? :open_mouth:

Anyone got positive advice for my ipad2 login, now 5.11 version is active?

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