iPad Pro 12.9 bug

I am not sure where to post this, but it is a very annoying bug. I was on the fence about coming back but want to get the hang of things before I commit. I recall there being… issues… with having one account on multiple devices, so I decided to just set up a dummy one on my iPad.

After hitting level 6, the pop up happens that tells me to join a team. Sadly, there is no x button to close it.thr only thing I can do is join a team (I don’t want to) or go to facebook(I don’t want to). So, now my iPad account is stuck in an unplayable state.

Join & quit immediately

You have to not build a team hall if you don’t want that

As I said, trying to get the hang of things so I didn’t even think about not building it… but, I would assume it would have an x button like my phone does. My actual account is not in a team due to inactivity and the pop up has an x in the right corner… it is missing on my iPad.

I didn’t have it on my android phone either, figured it was done away with

Doesn’t this force us to quit from Global Chat?

where is global chat in game? :thinking:
Anyway as Shadowofbirds said, its best to just join and quit team.

Get replaced by LC once you join a team…

global chat in this game imo does more harm than good. no help in game, no support or knowledge regarding game. better to join a team than that.

In Android I eventually found a way to escape it and search for my own team, maybe as simple as hitting the back button. You still get nagged by this team forcing dialogue until you join a team, I think.

It makes sense to push teams and to recommend appropriate ones, but what a heavy handed way to do it!

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