iPad vs. iPad Pro

I recently got the chance to play my account on a new iPad Pro, where i have always played on my Samsung Galaxy S8…and there were some nice notable differences. I knew the game was tailored for apple products, and i hate to break my lifelong streak of owning 0 apple products…but WD was so pretty.
Anyways, does anyone know if there are notable differences between this regular iPad with the a9 chip and a 9.7 in. screen, to the Pro counterpart. Im buying it solely for WD so a 600 ish dollar difference is sizeable.

I don’t know if the display would be much different but my ipad air can’t hold very many games beyond war dragons, had to delete a few things to play it without performance issues.

If it’s solely for War Dragons, I would save the money.

The iPad Air 2 I have been using has delivered flawless performance. I do believe you can purchase a referbished one for between $300 to $400 dollars. I have never used an iPad pro, but I cannot think of any features of the pro that would have a dramatic difference from the Air 2.

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Also…to save more money, since I usually play on wifi, I got the no data version. The times where I don’t have wifi, I just use my samsung phone as a mobile hotspot.

Assuming the most recent versions, I wouldn’t be concerned about the chip as much as the RAM for future usage (would check that it’s at least 2 GB, though); however, with it only running War Dragons, I don’t think that should be a concern. Even people with iPad Minis haven’t had much trouble with it so far :slight_smile:

@Warlord and @LizDrakemoor Play on iPad Pro 10.5", so they might be able to offer some insight.

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Hi Brometheus. Save your money and go with iPad. Or even a mini. I have been playing for 10 months and my iPad Air 2 works perfectly with WD. Looks great on my iPhone 6s plus too.

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Agreed. I have an Air 2 as well and the iPhone X. Both look great. :slight_smile:

iPad Pro has 120 FPS what’s very much noticeable but just for playing WD get the latest regular IPad.

It’s $329 I think and is faster than the Air2

Thankyou, everyone. That pretty much solves that.

test it before you buy a device. Surely, they allow testing of device before purchase. Ask if it can download War Dragons and play the game for about 5 minutes to test its performance

Other than the screen being bigger, I notice no difference in gameplay. I love playing on my big IPad Pro screen, but I don’t think I would have bought it just to play War Dragons.

I also have a pro. Dont have to worry about memory problems and the screen is nice

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Plus if you invest in the smart cover keyboard for the iPad pro, you have an actual physical keyboard to type on. It makes playing the game easier (at least for me) since I don’t have to hold my iPad, and I like the viewing angle that the smart cover keyboard allows.

If you want to play on the couch or something, a lap board of some sort (I use a cutting board that I purchased for this purpose) gives you a surface steady enough to play on, even when you vigorously tap the screen while flying hunters.

The apple pencil also works with the app and I’ll often whip mine out when flying sorcerers, and sometimes even for warriors. (Don’t try using it when flying hunters lol).

I know you haven’t had much time to play on the iPP, but doesn’t your arm get tired with the bigger motions you have to make to achieve the same effects? For example, when you play sorcerers, you used to be able swipe with finger back and forth. With the iPP, don’t you have to utilize everything below the wrist or elbow to do so? The thing is humongo if I recall.

This does make me intrigued… As a leader, I do so much damn typing in game, and I hate doing it on my lil phone keyboard. Would certainly help war organization easier… But $600 for that ease… Hmmmm

Well for me I got the iPad Pro because I’m an artist and REAAAALLY wanted to use the apple pencil to be able to do my art digitally. (Previously I’d been drawing using my finger on my iPad). The apple pencil makes a world of difference in drawing lol.

I actually started playing war dragons when I got my first iPad Pro (a 9.7” model that I later sold when I got my current 10.5” model). The keyboard is incredibly handy. What you should consider is “Will I use this iPad for something else down the road?”

Right now you are saying that you only plan on using the iPad to play War Dragons, but there are a lot of other things you can use it for too. I find that the external keyboard significantly increases the functionality of my iPad, and unlike a bluetooth keyboard, I never have to worry about the smart cover keyboard running out of batteries. In fact, after getting my 10.5” iPad Pro, I’ve been using my laptop a lot less. (It’s old and needs replacing but I haven’t gotten around to doing that yet). I use my iPad to type a LOT of stuff (usually in the Google Docs app, but sometimes in the native Pages app as well).

Perfect man. I ordered the Pro already

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Yeah I thought about that, but I have a surface pro for all the non game type stuff, and WD is the only game I play. Didn’t think about a BT keyboard though.

An external keyboard is handy, especially when you are doing a bunch of typing. And since I know how to touch type I really hate trying to use an onscreen keyboard because it is so much slower :laughing:

The iPad Mini 4 is also a great device to play war dragons on.